[BREAKING EXPLOIT/BUG] - Traps detecting/shooting through second wave corrosive

birbfakes Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 38

If someone places a second wave corrosive block, they can place a boltshot etc. behind it and it will detect through the block after genmat is pulled.

This won't happen if you place a boltshot/harpoon behind a normal corrosive block, so I assume this is a bug/exploit that people are using to their advantage once they find it.

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  • Ghost910
    Ghost910 Member Posts: 5

    I hope they patch it to where traps can shoot through any see through corrosive blocks. These set ups are easy to beat but add another level to the game.

  • DuskTheViking
    DuskTheViking Member Posts: 16
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    can can confirm,

    You can make a double thick set of acid block walls making it impossible to see the claw traps behind them.

    You end up with an entire base of unseeable traps.

    Im certain I could make an actually unbeatable base with this mechanic, but I don't want to advertise the bug.

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  • Darkyan
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    I like this as a feature honestly.

    So far everyone that used second wave lava on me, with traps hidden behind, used them pretty fairly and it actually was pretty fun to me to counter them.

    Would love to see an Augment that allows corrosive blocks to be "Detectable" through. If that happens to be unintended

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
    Killa_KIA_Clown Member Posts: 20

    I think first wave is bugged and traps should fire through all and any corrosive cubes. Otherwise corrosive cubes are ultimately a costly wall etc. Not difficult to beat bases that are using this technique and actually quiet fun to raid