Holocube Changes - Please Upvote If You Agree

Heya all!

Anyone else sad that the Holocube can ONLY imitate bedrock? Especially if you wanna make a really pretty map?

Not only that, that some Stage 2 cubes look like bedrock until the gen mat is grabbed

I would LOVE if this was made important to the Dev team to be able to color/retexture those cubes so you can hide them better and make a prettier map! Othwrwise they are too easy to sus out!

Thanks for your time!


  • chezpizza
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    Heads up. Lots of posts that say the same thing. A couple with polls intergrated in them too.

  • magic1236
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    I think if one is to be able reskin the holocubes it would have to be a mod/argumentation.

    in one way ya they are easier to sus out but if you try to Incorporate the bedrock that is there then those areas are where you really want to use the holo cubes and they really shine in being hard to sus out.

    I think the stage 2/second wave traps looking like bedrock is a bit fine for two reasons. 1. Can use them to make non secound wave holocubes look natural as those other traps will seem like natural bedrock. And 2 makes it where raiders could sus out the possibly of the location of secound wave traps while they are going in. Or in my case not really think about them as I just think they are natural bedrock.

    I do fully understand and can relate on this though hurting the ascetics of the base though.

  • Darkyan
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    edited April 12

    These kind of traps are only enjoyable because you know they copy bedrock.

    I know it hurts aestetics, but it would hurt infinitely more if literally all the blocks around you could suddenly vanish and leave you in a lava pit.

    I'd be one of the first to make a very long impossible path with only lava blocks and vanishing blocks, then make a alternate hidden path after killing the harvester.

    And that's no fun for the players

  • Seraphor
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    A Mod that allows you to apply a decal would be fine. You're giving up a mod slot, and it limits how well you can conceal it (you can still discern it's texture and that there's no props attached).

  • TheLegalCustodian
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    I'd be in favor of improving the holocubes. If you got at least a couple hours of painful experience you recognize holocubes from afar and that takes a little bit away from the suprise.

    Reskinnable holocubes should be an expensive mod though both in research as well as cost in build mode to prevent spamming of it.

  • RaidenHusky
    RaidenHusky Member Posts: 35

    The harvester still needs to be able to leave though, and as with all burials sites, you run through, you die again and again until you learn more on each death and learn which are holo cubes and which arent

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    While I understand your point, I stand by what I said, traps are fun because it's obvious that they're trap.

    The addition of this would mean that now every single 2500 capacity worth of blocks you own can be a transparent block dropping you in a pit of lava or hidding a flamethrower/grapple.

    I'm sure you yourself shot a set of 3 real bedrock just to verify they weren't fake because you weren't 100% sure and you didn't want to die, now imagine doing that with every single 1x1 cube you see in the game.

    Or worst, you shoot a grunt, his body falls backward into a normal looking block, turns out it was an invisible block you could have never seen, your arrow falls into a pit of lava 3 block deep, you lose your arrow forever.

    I'll stick to this : Traps are fun because you recognize that they are trap.

    If I have to play battleship with every single blocks in the game just to see what is real, I'd rather not play

  • RaidenHusky
    RaidenHusky Member Posts: 35

    Sorry, still very strongly disagree. If you are standing still or going slow, thats the chance for even a regular holo cube or trap to get you.

    And what makes them more painfully obvious and less of a trap is if every other wall is gold and covered in a prop or light, and then here is this block with no lights, no color, etc. Whats the point as a builder of using it if its that obvious?

    And again, you shouldnt be standing still enough to be shooting a holo cube. If I have a holo cube go off on me, I jump, I zipline, I shield. The same would be true if a holo cube went off but it was covered in a decal. Because you get an audio and visual cue of when it reveals itself, enough time to get out of the way.

    And again, you die, you learn, you memorize and try again. Just because it fooled you the first time, now you know for the second time.

  • BillSimmons
    BillSimmons Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 74

    While this can sound like a cool addition it loses the charm when you think about how repetitive trap combinations make raiding dull. Introducing a holocube that matches the surrounding blocks would create an annoying combination by removing the one easy way players can identify a holocube. If you want holocubes that match the surrounding environment pathing part of your genmat route through a bedrock section works well. Hiding a holocube with second wave is a great way to surprise raiders too.

    Everything in MYM is setup around clearly showing traps and this idea would be the exact opposite of that, for that reason I'm out.

  • RaidenHusky
    RaidenHusky Member Posts: 35

    Counter-point to your point. If raiding is dull because you can sus anything and everything out now that you can recognize it, wouldnt adding making the cube reskinable as a mod help keep things fresh and scary since it won't be easy to sus out a holo cube anymore?

  • BillSimmons
    BillSimmons Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 74

    To clarify I mean this mod would introduce the possibility of that well camouflaged option everywhere in an outpost. When raiding it's great to see different trap combinations, but making a mod that forgoes that element by being extremely flexible creates a "this mod fits all" option. In my mind that's adding to the problem more so than helping encourage variety.

  • magic1236
    magic1236 Member Posts: 106

    They could add it where “if this mod is used then x mod isn’t compatible with it” sort of take