Suit upgrades not registering last 2 slots

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Suit upgrades are not registering the last 2 slots when you have already purchased and equiped the upgrades on them. The first suit. The second one is wroking but the first one glitched and they are unlocked but shows on my equipment screen like I just started the game and they are not there. Because of this they are not working. Now if I master them and purchase the second suit I can add them to that suit in all 3 slots but the first suit the last 2 loadout slots are broken. Which makes using suit one useless. (PS4)

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  • Lilman
    Lilman Member Posts: 4
  • Kapitalisten_Ego
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    Same Problem to me. Im playing on PS4.

  • BalderThanos
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    Exact same issue for me. Started when I joined a coop game, nothing I try fixes it. My ironside currently has gap closer equipped in slot 1, can't change it to anything, I don't even own the second suit. The other two skills I have purchased level 3 and 4, can't use them at all.

  • manbearpig_97
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    I'm also having the same issue. It seemed to be working just fine until joining a co-op. After joining its as if it perma-glitches whichever suit you run. Even in solo. Not only is it glitching the biolinks on the suit, but my Egyptian skins as well as weapon upgrades. Everytime I log in regardless of solo or multiply, I have to change my skins. Every single time I enter a raid, I've only got 2 bolts on a fully upgraded Lancer. I must then equip my other caster, and then re-equip the Lancer just to get the 3rd bolt. I really hope they release a patch soon to fix all this. Also on ps4 it disconnects far to often in multi-player.

  • Jackaljax
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    I am also having this issue. Really hope this is adressed soon along side the freezing issue :/

  • Lilman
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    The only work around I found was to fully max out both suits and use the other suit and choose the perks you want, you can only do this if they are maxed or it wont let you swap them.

  • jamzeroMotti
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    I have the same symptoms.

    I hope you can deal with this as soon as possible, it is a waste of resources.

    I opened the third one, but it does not show up in the loadout and I cannot change it.

  • UmbrellaWeapon
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    Same issue. Upgraded my bolt gun to max, upgraded my magnetic link to max, go into a game and I’m back to as if I’m just beginning the first raid . I can’t equip an additional item in my 2 slots, I’m only allowed my grenades… can’t equip because it says “ must master before I swap “ … I think this happened after a cooperative play … PS4

    Also the corrosive cube on second wave with a trap behind it , is allowing the trap to go through it, no matter what it is..

  • Kulstar
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    Yeah I've had this issue since the second day of play and tried doing the same fix as the weapons by swapping them back and forth so hoped buying the extra suit would achieve the same results but alas it does not. I have been patiently waiting for a fix as I feel this leaves me at a disadvantage in the games early release and is hindering my playstyle. Suppose bonus is I've been concentrating on traps and bases but anytime I go to raid these issues are putting me off playing. Desperate for a fix before I get too frustrated and quit.

  • Jens
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  • Jens
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    Update: There is indeed a workaround for both suit and weapon.

    Weapon: buy a second weapon and switch in the beginning of the raid between that and the bugged weapon to fix it.

    Suit: buy both suits, then upgrade both the bugged skill and gap closer to the master level. After that the switching of the two mastered skills is possible.

  • Lilman
    Lilman Member Posts: 4

    Yeah i found this works also, takes a bit to grind them though, i recommend doing the easy level to grind for this as the harder ones are full of cheesy raids that will put you at a huge disadvantage.

  • MadMoeZel
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    my ironside is bugged but my kamatachi is not. i just use ironsides setup on kamatachi since the suits are just skins and it's the perks that matters. they know about the ironside bug and it's being looked into.