chimera changes it looks?

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It would be very motivating and satisfying if the chimera changes it looks every few levels (30 or 50). If i See im making it stronger, it would hype me to play the game even more! For example the chimera could get more muscles or armor or changing the skin.

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  • wydyadoit
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    I’m waiting for the dlc where chimera breaks out of the tube after reaching its final form then goes on a rampage through the base and you have to prevent it from escaping the base. Then the part 2 of the dlc where you’ve tamed the chimera, rebuilt it, and use it as a wandering boss that hunts and chases the raiders like mr x in RE2.

    then in meet your maker 2 where you can play as the chimera and teleport to a raid while it’s in progress to intercept the raiders during second wave.

    and meet your maker 2.5 where after curing the virus the moon collides with the earth and you’re forced to create bases in outer space, but this time you build them from the ground up and can decide your own objectives by placing them to generate more resources. Which will no longer be tied to genmat, but instead survival resources.