Masquerade doesn't work?

georhan369 Member Posts: 19

Holocubes with the masquerade mod still are avoided by guards, I can't even make a patrol path over them as the path drops me down despite the description mentioning guards aren't affected by the holocubes with masquerade active.


  • konchok
    konchok Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 1,719

    Masquerade prevents guards from pathing through them. You can use them for ambushes where once the cube is triggered they will start pathing through the block. If you compare that to a standard holocube, a guard will path through the holocube without issue.

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    The description is wrong, Masquerade is meant to be used as a wall that holds your guards back until it gets triggered.

    It's mostly for ambush, and it works very nicely

  • georhan369
    georhan369 Member Posts: 19

    Ah I see, I was trying to build a trap in the floor with holocubes and have guards walk over it to give that false sense of security.