Unique outposts to raid.

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I am making this post so that it can be a place people can share awesome raids they experienced that are just really fun or where unique to you in some way.

it will be map name the the by the creator name

  1. “Devon” by “Shoe Almighty”
  2. ”Edmonson” by “Beefcakee15”
  3. ”Perdue Hill” by “Dr M0D” or “Dr MOD”
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  • hastarkis
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    "Readington" by gurika55

    Decorated with love indeed. It was a pleasure to raid it.

    Also highly recommend outposts by Kharel (several socials are also available). It's a rare case when I truly feel brutal base as a puzle I need to solve. They are hard (at least for me) but created with a way to deal with it in mind.

  • Kontayes
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    One of my outposts just masyer3d and depleted and now it's kinda just sitting there, if you want to attempt mine, look up Kontayes on social and look for thr map "De Beque" best of luck to all who attempt it.

  • Ilya_Lizard
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    "Blue Mound" Outpost by My Undead Girlfriend (eng) - strongly advised. It's a "normal" outpost, really not hard, although it looks intimidating at first. And it's built like a real short adventure. Very fun, clever and artistic. Too bad it's impossible to give more than two accolades =)

  • Seraphor
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    I'm gonna add a couple of mine.

    User: TheSeraphor - Outposts: Conifer and Lakota

    Why? Well they're both my attempts as a pseudo-non-linear outpost, without using tricks like second wave cubes to change the path. They're technically both as linear as any other harvester path raid, and if you play it boring and just hollow Harvey you'll have no issues, but if you lose track of Harvey by any of the distractions then they're deceptive. Essentially, these are to be explored, not speedrun. They're both Brutal, but neither are actually hard, merely at capacity.

    Conifer: The Forsaken Town

    Themed outpost. Try not to follow Harvey right off the bat, try and find the tombs hidden within the manor house to your right, and the pavilion to your left. Then head through the central archway and start off towards the church. I would have liked to have populated it with more guards but hit the cap, maybe I'll move some of the Enforcers around.

    Lakota: or 'Kerplunk', a maze without a maze

    This one is more conceptual. It's wide open, and it only has one linear path, but if you don't follow it all the way the path to the genmat is not clear. You can skip right to it, if you can work out which part of the outpost it's in. Harvey will lead you to it eventually, and if you follow the path it will take you through every part of the outpost. If you die on the way, and you know where you died, you can skip ahead.

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    Dude you are a genius!! All your map are candy :D good work 👍💪

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    Well, naturally I'd recommend checking out my own (Dreamnomad) outposts on social. I'm particularly proud of Oriskany, Endeavor, and Simeon. But I would also like to draw attention to two of my favorite builders. Juga de Vaga and Pigeon_Chest are both amazing. If you haven't seen their stuff then you are missing out.