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So I've played for 44 hours so far. I love this game.


Explosives warning still shown

Sometimes after a bomb of a bomb dropper or a dead man switch of a guard exploded and I didn’t die from it, it would still see that (well made) bomb distance warning on the hud. Sadly I don't have a screenshot.

Intel distance

The third tier of the intel boost shows the distance HRV has to walk to the genmat. This is sadly often bugged and shows a distance of 0m. I could not see any common attributes of a map that could cause this.


Capacity below 9000?

Is there a reason why there are maps with a genmat capacity below 9000? This is less to the developers but to basically anybody. I could only see downsides from <9000 genmat capacities. Is it supposed to be just “bad luck” when drawing new sites to buy?

Overdrive goal? Raider abandon raid?

I don’t really see the goal of the overdrive. Since the players really steal the genmat people would want to avoid this. Is the goal then to discourage raiders to ever get to the genmat? I understood it as you get more mats because I’m assuming the outpost gets highlighted and more people do it. And in exchange you get less genmat. Still the potential mindset of “if raiders never finish it I gain a bonus” rubs me the wrong way.

no incentive to do bigger capacity raids? more mats theoretically?

Actually a few points on this.

Why does every death reset regardless of the capacity of the base?

Why does the amount of consumables you take with you not correlate with the size of an outpost?

I can understand that bigger bases give (potentially) more mats and less genmat. However them being so long makes them tedious and quickly frustrating because well most of them are long.

I think just being able to die one or two times without a full reset in bigger bases would help a lot.

Extra prestige points bonus?

Prestige from kills is a whole different topic, but why isnt there something one can get from having a huge amount of prestige in a base? I have a small base with 4500 prestige points (in its last prestige level atm), which feels uncomfortably useless.

Synthite economy

Pretty sure you guys are already aware of it but its ridiculous. I'm currently at 3500 cells and 3000 mats, researched _everything_ for raiding (consumables, suits and weapons), have more than enough consumables and always have the synthite boost on.

Synthite I'm always low on supply, prestiging the bases basically consumes almost all of it despite me playing this much. Traps and guards stuff I just have the bare minimum unlocked, if even. I love to build though, so I do admit that I bought 9 outposts sites so far.


Material pickup

Please add a possibility to recover mats from corrosive cubes. It is so unnecessarily frustrating to lose them, whether players do it on purpose or not.

Lessen impact of deaths in a kilbox? Unfun anti accolade?

Sometimes I am determined to finish a killbox, even though it is unfun. Sometimes I already died 1 or 2 times until a killbox appears and I abandon the raid. I wish that you could discredit these deaths as to not promote a deathbox. Maybe with an anti fun grade to give or something like that.

I do want to say that I actually do not dislike all killboxes, some of them are fun and well made. Which brings me to the next point.

Highlight honors as indicator for map

In the subreddit I saw someone suggest to rate the 4 accolades instead of giving them. Meaning you can rate the fun factor, artistic etc with neutral, good or bad.

Also would be great to see the accolades a base has, maybe with the aforementioned system so people know what to expect from a base. As I said some people can enjoy killboxes.


Probably already on the agenda but loadouts to quickly change equipment would be nice. Not urgent at all though since you can change it quickly at the beginning of every run (which is awesome)

Faster grappling hook; Delay unhook with grappling hook button unsmooth

The movement is rather smooth and I love it. However I have 2 points how it could be improved:

While it could be difficult to balance, I think the grappling hook should fly faster. As soon as it is connected it is smooth sailing but you _always_ drop a little bit before the hook connects/you get the grappling hook movement. Unless the target is right in front of you of course.

Also unhooking without jumping but by pressing the grappling hook button again feels a little unsmooth because it does not work f. e. during the “reaching the wall and putting your hand on the wall” animation. I would appreciate it to be smoother by always being able to unhook that way just like with jumping mid hook.

Add option to activate/deactivate or prestige in menu

Please add the option to activate/deactivate or prestige an outpost in the menu. I can understand that maybe the game checks if an outpost is valid before activating but always loading the map just for that feels unnecessary. The camera move of the prestige is also not that important that I want to load a map just for that.

Edge cube other part

Please add the equivalent of the “edge” cube form of the remaining space/the inside of an edge. I am not sure how to articulate what I mean but basically the remaining space of an edge cube form as a own form.


Champion outposts with honor only?

Maybe champion outposts should not be done with prestige level 5, but only with a certain threshold of Accolades. I know champion outposts are not that special or played rarely but it would still be nice to have … better champion outposts.

DBD metal decal color too similar to trap color

I get that some people really want kills, but the DBDmetal box and generator walls are _way_ too similar to the trap colors and really exhausting/demanding to play. Please change this. I abandon raids with only those because it is so exhausting.

Extra honor for exceptional outposts

The honor system would be great to be more detailed etc. but I can understand it being simplistic for the beginning. However what I want most is an extra honor for outposts you _really_ loved. Like basically marking them as favorites or something like that to really highlight them as exceptionally well made. 2 Honors are too little for some outposts.

Buff grenades?

The grenades are a very useful tool, I do dislike the small damage range as well as the imprecise use of them though. I do sometimes utilize the fact that they roll but I would prefer it a lot to choose when they roll and when they just land.

Quite a lot to read I am sorry, but I hope maybe at least one or two points are useful. Though I am assuming a lot of those points have been mentioned already. Still wanted to cover them just in case they weren't. Thanks for reading.


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    Good points here.

    >I don’t really see the goal of the overdrive.

    If your base has high kill ratio you get WAY more genmat than you loose on overdrive. But you have to exchange it for active time because "stealing" means that your outpost will be active for shorter time. If you loose 200 genmat every successful run (I don't remember current numbers but it was 200 during tests, I believe), you instantly loose like 30 minutes of possible active time.

    It was useful during alpha/beta bc outposts lived longer and reactivation took prestige points only, no synth. So you just speedrun your deadly (but fun, to keep raiders invested) outposts from 1 to 10 with huge boost in genmat gaining. But now when your outpost can be depleted faster than you earn synth for reactivation... It doesn't make any sense for me. Especially with lower genmat capacity :/