Outpost bug. Can't go into building mod.

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Hello, after pressing prestige in my outpost, the animation did not trigger and i did not get more capacity to place more traps. I found this weird and decided to set my outpost into overdrive and leave it. Since then i do have more people trying my outpost (i have replays in the replay station) but i am unable to go into building mod because i get the "error code".

I would really appreciate it someone could help me fix my outpost or set it to social so my friends can play when it runs out of GenMat.❤️

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  • Ermac
    Ermac Member Posts: 48

    Got the same Bug on one Outpost. Cant refill it. ALways Error code when try to get in build mode.

  • SnapReflex
    SnapReflex Member Posts: 6

    Same, except mine is Depleted and I can't enter it again. I'm receiving the same error even after restarting.