Concept theory that could help deal with not getting raided enough.

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So we don’t know what determines what makes an outpost visible to other player to then decide if to raid the outpost or not.

but maybe something that can be done is, that the amount of prestige points an outpost has can be used to determine how likely it is offered maybe?

for example if an outpost has not reached enough points to prestige it has a higher chance to be offered for people to raid. If the outpost has reached enough points for its current prestige then smaller chance. The higher amount of points the less likely they are offered. Like your outpost has enough point to prestige 4 times. So it’s chance of being offered isn’t so high as one who only has enough points to prestige once or not even enough points to prestige.

the exception to this will be champion outposts.

other things might need to be put into account so we do have the issue where “bad” maps that people feel shouldn’t prestige get offered a lot more.

this is just a concept and trying to promote discussion on ways to help deal with the problem some people seem to be having where they don’t get raided often or enough.