How to get enough to Prestige Brutal Maps?

I have multiple small/medium normal/dangerous rating maps that get plenty of raids and therefore a decent number of kills. However when trying to make a large brutal map it becomes impossible to prestige because it requires way more prestige points, but only gets raided 2/3 times every 12 hours.

The few raids it does get are people who literally just speedrun grapple their way through, which for some reason was designed to outspeed every trap in the game so it gets very few kills if any, and doesn't even get accolades

I don't want to just make boring kill-boxes or short outposts with the few traps that sometimes can get a lucky kill on a speedrunner, but it feels like there is no point in wasting time and creativity on long fun outposts because they never get raided and so can never be prestiged. Is there any solution to this i'm missing?


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    Well, my 4500 (12h duration) large brutal outpost was raided twice today... One guy died 7 times, other 13 ones.

    Both of them gave me 4 accolades in total (1 ingenious, 1 brutal, 2 artistic). Map is heavily themed (alien invasion on a (medieval/rural) village). Currently at P3, I just had to reset (refill) its genmat for the third time, due to lack of raiders. Today it only gained 140 or 170 prestige points out of 375.

    There was a day where I didn't have a SINGLE raid on this map, that day starved me from having enough prestige point streak.

    Btw. my old beta map had a lot of traffic even before prestige 5, once it was a champion, it was visited at least 5 times per hour (medium brutal, but VERY SHORT duration of 7 hours or so (3,600 of capacity - duration)).

    My current small dangerous map, that is champion outpost (p6), has at best 6 raiders per day (6.500 capacity - duration)...

    Something is borked.

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    As the player base matures there will be greater demand to play brutal maps. Right now though, I would suggest trying to build a brutal normal map. I had a normal map that was getting an AKR (average kill ratio) of 5. Can you do that? With extremely limited resources can you design an absolutely devastating map?

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    I've already tested lower difficulties.

    My current small dangerous map was at first normal difficulty. It started getting more traffic when I upped it to dangerous. It being champion outpost (p5+) it means it just gets drastically more traffic than non champion version...

    While my dangerous large map had basically the same 1-2 raids per whole map as the current brutal version of it.

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    From what I can tell the prestige system is currently the worst part of MYM altogether, you can only prestige 10 times then that map is pretty much dead, so creativity doesn't matter at the moment, in fact kill rooms on small maps are actively encouraged because they are quick and easy to make and get raided more often due to somehow usually falling in the normal or dangerous categories. I really hope they remove the whole system altogether at some point, you shouldn't be punished for spending a lot of time making a creative and fun map that can only be played a set number of times just for it to be ignored those 10 times because it's "too intimidating" I get they need a large amount of maps but that surely would come naturally over time.

    Simply put make boring kill rooms till they realise that actually encouraging creativity is healthy for the game and encouraging making a map an hour isn't.

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    I guess, for now it's only safe to buy 9k maps because 12 (and 7 lol) hours is unreasonably low uptime imo. Especially for brutal maps with their low traffic.

    And then have nice and catchy appearance.

    Plus, you can add couple anti-rush techniques here and there. You can search for guides or join community discord for tips and ready unti-rush setups. Just to be sure.

    But that's my recipe, I don't know, as for now I have enough raiders everytime. Maybe I'm just lucky.