No Replay or Prestige Points from Raid

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Sometimes when my outposts are raided I don't receive a replay or prestige points for the kills, on the command center it gives me a notification of the attempt and records the kills correctly, even when I enter the outpost I am able to view the skull stones and pickup the dropped resources.

Also sometimes when the player abandons the outpost raid attempt it shows up as 0 kills in the replay, when this happens the kills aren't counted in the outpost stats and it doesn't even leave skull stones or prestige points

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  • Cyba_Zero
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    ^^ This. My current base (Knightstown) has had both of these things happen: one who left after 4 deaths visible on the replay but with zero registered and no tombstones/drops, and two tombstones with drops that mysteriously appeared without any replays.

    I'm seriously considering keeping it set to inactive until these bugs are fixed - accolade points (particularly the artistic category) are currently carrying its prestige at low levels but after putting in the effort to make this one particularly nice I would like to see it go all the way to 10 (and it could use the extra capacity).