Harvester change

RubberBrain Member Posts: 81

I think just like the guards you should be able to choose the harvester path as long as the Harvester connects to the goal, this allows for more creative bases and much more interesting mazes by setting the harvester to go in the most difficult direction, I think it would also be cool if the harvester could climb walls because that would allow for much more use from your grapple and for much more interesting vertical levels


  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    One issue I find with that would be that you can make the Harvester take an impossible path or kill him and hide the only entrance to the core between a pyramid wedge in a very shady corner of the map that no one will see.

    Worst even, make the Harvester run in a circle for 5 minutes

    I like the simplicity of the Harvester, a regular block path attached in a very linear way.