Question for those who get few to zero raids a day

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How many times do you raid in a day?


  • ShinobuSK
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    You mean zero raids on my own base?

    I usually do up to 20 raids a day myself since if noone is raiding my base, I dont see any point in building more of them and raiding others is the only playstyle left to do anyways

  • Seraphor
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    Enough, maybe 15-20 raids per day. (will be less from now on though as easter break finishes)

    I have three Dangerous outposts that get around 8-15 raids per session, netting around 20-50 deaths. Each has overachieved in prestige points.

    I have two Brutal outposts that get around 2-3 raids per session. One of these is a medium/tier 2 outpost which has managed to scrape a prestige, the other is a large/tier 3 that has failed to get 125 prestige points three times.

  • TheLegalCustodian
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    I do not count my raids but since the easter break is over I try to squeeze in a quick session with a couple raids in between free time. :)

  • wydyadoit
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    i have 20 bases that are 4500 cap with 9000 genmat of various types. these bases all vary, but they're always set to brutal.

    i get a handful of raids - some with zero deaths and some with 2-5 deaths.

    of the 5 that are currently active (last i was on. i think most have decayed) 3 are probably not going to get the 125 needed for prestige. the other 2 already have more than enough.

    i raid about 15 times a day. as mathematically that's the magic number for currency to refill, prestige, or buy a base.


    i also have a few tier 1 and 2 capcity bases, but i've decided they're not worth building on. and have basically stopped refilling them.

  • drsoontm
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    I was raiding non-stop (more than 50 raids the first two days, I think).

    I've got 8 visits in 36 hours. (Then I've stopped playing altogether.)