Feed the Beast achievement unobtainable

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Ok so this isnt exactly a "bug" but i just got a ps5 and because i already got this acheivment on the ps4 version it seems i can no longer platinum the game :/ please make it so if your chimera is already above level 2 the acheivment gets automatically granted. There are a few other achievements that seem to be affected by this like max upgrading weapons. It would be awesome if some of these acheivments would auto unlock if youve already obtained them on a different version since account progress carries over from ps4-5 making multiple acheivments not obtainable for people who haven't upgraded yet or want to play both versions!!!

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  • wydyadoit
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    that's definitely a bug. achievements not being transferable between systems when accounts are is an oversight.

    likely due to making achievements based on caps rather than tallies.

  • Apotheon
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    Well i as a player also have the ideal problem of a level 100 chimera with the achivement not yet unlocked, due to this bug that hasn't recived patching yet.