Rank bug/glitch with Co-Op. **RUINING CO-OP**

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Currently Inside of co-op play the host is the only player who will receive rank points consistently. The invited player receives points inconsistently but more times then not will receive no rewards towards rank, regardless of performance. We discovered this while playing through brutal burial sites and normal. However the second player received rank points on our Dangerous burial site play through. We are currently attempting to repeat and work through different scenarios in an attempt to find out what's causing the bug. Our only successful attempt that the second player received any rank points is bellow.

Test 1- Dangerous. Map- Mahopac. 11:09 pm. 4/11/2023 EST. Time to completion: 7:14. Hardware Advisor ( NOT GLITCHED)

Player 1(host) 1 death. Grabbed genmat first. Extracted first. destroyed both hiden tombs. Player one launched match while player 2 was free roaming around the sanctuary and not inside any other menus.

Player 2- 0 deaths. Grabbed genmat second. Extracted Second. Received 125 rank points.

More tests and data to follow.

If anyone else is seeing similarities in instances where the player 2 does receive rank points and or doesn't receive them, please add to this thread with your findings. If we can follow the same format, it may help the devs in tracking down the bug.

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