To kill, or not to kill(box)

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So I've built up a few burial sites and have noticed a growing trend...

Either a raider blows through my base in 5-10 minutes with 0-3 deaths, or they quit after 4-8 deaths.

I have a couple that have "tricky" corners that get maybe 1 or 2 kills before the raider learns it and it's no longer a threat, or I have a somewhat strategically laid out "kill-box" that uses maybe 1500 of my trap quota (ie. it's not very big, and can be thwarted with 1 or 2 grenades, or a shield)

How are builders getting enough kills to be worth the time of designing a base?

If I build a "kill-box" I get a couple kills before the raider just quits (probably 80% of the time).


I don't build a kill-box, just putting traps along the way, and get 1-3 kills before the raider has learned my base and completes it.

It doesn't help that I only get about 2-4 raids per day on per-base (and I even decorated them to look cool from the thumbnail !!)

I feel like unsuccessful raids should, in themselves, offer some degree of prestige progress

Isn't the whole point to "protect your genmatt" ??


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    I have a couple that have "tricky" corners that get maybe 1 or 2 kills before the raider learns it and it's no longer a threat,

    This is the ideal strategy. You want to repeat these sort of things multiple times. Each time the raider will die a couple times before solving it, and moving onto the next. If you have 5 of these in your outpost, that's about 10 kills. The important thing is the raider feels they're learning and progressing, and will ultimately beat the outpost if they persevere.

    Make it too easy and they beat it with few deaths, make it too hard and they quit with few deaths.

    I think if you were rewarded more for unsuccessful raids, it would promote killboxes more. Although if it maybe scaled with the number of deaths it could work out.

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    Isn't the whole point to "protect your genmatt" ??

    You don't loose your extracted genmat (gamewise) but you do get more genmat from corpses of other chimeras' clones (raiders). So actually your point isn't to save your genmat. It's to bait others to bring their bodies genmat to you and take as much as possible from them (i.e. get them raiding your base and keep them dying there as long as possible) (:

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    Well you do lose Gemma’s if you overdrive. But in that case if you get enough kills you don’t lose any and gain more then if you where not in overdrive

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    I personally find killboxes around the Genmat pointless when Second Wave takes awhile to activate.

    Most players will just end up running as fast as they can since leaving the area is more ideal than going through the pain of breaking every trap and possibly dying a lot in the process.

    But the objective (for most outposts that do not use Overdrive) is to get enough kills, and by proxy prestige points, to prestige and keep the base going on. The genmat is not really super important to defend when you do not get punished (unless you are in Overdrive) for someone taking it.