Even I think there's not enough synthite

Hodderfodder Member Posts: 163

I've been incredibly understanding of the game design. Even the most buildy of builders needs to raid a little in order to keep the flow of raiders going.

But I hit 3 tombs and got all of 80 synthite.

Early in the game you are leveling up fast and getting lots of synthite but once every advisor has 5000 genmat to level up, and the chimera needs 5 processings to level, it's just not feasible. To prestige 5 bases you need a Lot of raiding just to keep your bases going.d

Fully depleting 2 or 3 outposts should give enough synthite to prestige 1. So if I want to have 5 up and running I need to still raid in order to get synthite. And tombs should reward more synth , especially because players are still covering them up either unintentionally or deliberately.

Alternatively maybe some way to convert parts into synth? I have a massive amount of parts.


  • TragicSolitude
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    I'm annoyed that a lot of the Tombs I hit are giving pretty much all Parts and no Synthite. I'm walking away from a lot of raids with something like 80-105 Parts but only 5 Synthite (not an exaggeration or hyperbole, those are the actual numbers).

    No wonder so many people don't bother to raid my Tombs. These are supposed to be secondary objectives to get people to go on raids that can be more interesting than the HRV path, but why bother when you only get the currency you're already drowning in? This is a huge miscalculation on BHVR's part. I started out loving the Tombs and even I'm starting to go "Nah, not worth it" if the path looks too deadly.