Ranking System... And It's Flaws...

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A few flaws in the Ranking System that should definitely be addressed:

  • Custodians are not being rewarded enough for getting base kills: Simply put, there are people who rarely get people to raid their base and/or have people quit/DC which results in less kills. Custodians who build bases are punished significantly in Ranking.
  • Custodians who play on higher difficulties are punished since dying more often results in losing Ranking; Custodians should be encouraged to play more difficult levels, not punished.
  • The amount of Ranking you get is inconsistent in Co-Op, with some people getting nothing while others get an excessive amount of Ranking (often being x3 or x4 the normal amount). This is probably a bug and should definitely be looked at.
  • The Ranking you get on most maps (even if you do not die) is too little to begin with, often requiring hundreds of matches played to even increase just a single Rank (e.g. even on the hardest difficulty, and only dying once, I get 45 Rank when 4000+ is needed to increase my rank; and on lower difficulties you only get 25-35 Rank per match.)


  • TragicSolitude
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    Earning negative points and rank being able to go backwards isn't an incentive, it de-incentives players: it discourages people who are trying to learn or challenge themselves from playing. And once you hit Master rank, you're better off just not playing at all until the new season.

    I've been complaining about Grades on DbD since it changed to the rewards-for-grades system and they came and made it worse for MYM.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Also it just rewards brushing through easier content instead of trying to play harder content. Having a base at Dangerous Rating or Brutal Rating is already bad enough considering the lack of people raiding on those difficulties, but Ranks just increase the lack of players even more.

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    Yup, I never go past Normal for raids. Each time I try I regret it. It's slow going forwards, but it's better than going backwards. I'd practice doing Social Brutal raids but the grind is unreal, even Tombs have been awful at rewarding Synthite, I get like 5-10 Synthite and the rest is Parts.

    It feels like the game is trying to chase away its players with how discouraging the entire sum of its mechanics is. Between the rank system, the grind, and the lack of raiders to my own Outposts when I myself raid so much, I'm pretty close to uninstalling.