BUG (or feature?): Traps can see through second wave Corrosive Cube

Rauthr Member Posts: 7

Like the title says, I have noticed some bases were having iron claws and bolt shooter traps placed behind corrosive cubes.

After a bit of testing, I was able to determine that if you place a trap behind a corrosive cube that is active on the first wave, then the trap will not be able to detect the player (ever)

however if you make the corrosive cube a second wave activation, then whenever the player runs past the trap, it will trigger even though there is a corrosive cube in the way.

Is this a bug or a feature?

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  • DexyIV
    DexyIV Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 515

    I'd like to assume it's a bug. Came here for the same reason. This is something that's really hard to play around and I've seen a ton of maps abuse it. Really hope it'll get fixed (or changed, if it is in fact intentional)

  • Kulstar
    Kulstar Member Posts: 5

    Yeah same here and to be honest tried working it out in my bases to create a couple of catch player off guard moments but feel that it's sometimes abused by a certain portion of the player base as it's clearly not supposed to be part of the game mechanics.

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    we can draw some conclusions. patch notes from the past say they edited boltshot to no longer target through acid. this means at one point, they did intentionally. this says also that only boltshot was modified to not (but still does). traps only target through second wave acid, it is being declared an exploit publicly by the players who don't like it when in reality, it is just using the tools given by the developers. there is inconsistency in it since it doesn't allow the same function during wave one. but as a result we do not know if non-boltshot targeting during phase 1 and 2 was intentional and if it should only be boltshots that aren't able (and still are) i suspect they attempted to remove boltshot targeting through acid, and it cause all acid to deny targeting, but something in the code made it not work to block boltshot on phase 2, and since blocking boltshot may have blocked all other traps, it's possible that since boltshot also fires through thats why the other traps do.

    i hear lots of rumors about it being confirmed a bug by BHVR but can't find ANY documentation of that, supposedly they plan to "fix" it but that fix has not been made public. it could be a full removal of acid targeting, it could be that it is made to function during wave one for consistency, they could have it alter targeting ranges. we just don't know what the future state of that trap will be so avoiding, blocking, reporting, etc doesn't help anyone get better at the game.

    this said there is also the current issue that with 2nd wave traps are also targeting through OPAQUE, as in a surface that does not permit light to pass, you know, light, the thing related to seeing things. so yeah, i agree opaque targeting is a problem, but as for the translucent liquid that players can see and shoot through permitting a trap behind it to do the same? totally logically reasonable to me.