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At the moment, the gameplay is in my opinion split to very distinct categories that are intended for different kinds of players. You can raid other people's bases or build your own (although you do need to raid bases to build your own) and I feel like they appeal to very different kinds of players. I think it would be nice to bridge the gap by letting creators raid their own bases and have a leaderboard for least deaths/shortest clear time for each base. To make this work, you would have to be able to replay a base as well as play your own bases. I think this would give most people something more to aspire towards than just "numbers go up". Mirror's edge 2 had a feature like this, where you could set a course for other people to compete against your best time. I think it would be nice to make a base, run it once to get the top leaderboard by default and watch other people try to beat my record, then as I prestige the base and set new records, do it again. This would add some depth to raiding and creating bases.


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    I feel this would just encourage a lot more of a speed runner sort of play style and discourage the people who like taking their time dismantling a base. And while I know speed running is a skill/style of play in the game I know it sort of saddens me watching a replay where the person just skips through everything. Not really appreciating the build. Though I am fine with people deciding to skip through stuff if it feels like the only or easiest/enjoyable thing to do after trying to take a more slow approach and that not working out.

    but ya I feel if it will more encourage people to speed run bases it may lead to people trying to make more “impossible” bases focused on killing raiders more then being creative or fun/enjoyable/interesting experience.

    maybe the leaderboard thing can be more about points that happen from doing certain things. Traps destroyed, time taken, deaths. Ect. Not just “beat level fast” or that the speed/time based leaderboard can be added to social raids. And it has a small type of reward or something so people feel a bit more encouraged to do social raids. Or it could be a different type of social raid category or something

    as for builders having to test out their own base I have seen a lot of debate on this. And I do believe it’s best not to add that hassle. Though they could do a “beating your own base before making it active gives you an extra % bonus of prestige or materials” that way it may encourage people to beat there own level but won’t make it a requirement

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