Good Outpost Killing Raiders? Jokes on you!

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My hard outposts don't record kills. The replay and the records show 0 raider kills in the stats, but when I actually watch the replays they've died A LOT. Why spend the time and effort to make a hard base if you end up getting no credit for it and it is just a giant waste in the end? It sucks being penalized for putting in the effort to make something challenging. Now that I know it is a thing, why wouldn't I just Alt+F4 or unplug my internet every time I'm unsuccessful and penalize every well made outpost I play until the dev's fix this MAJOR issue?

For example an outpost I built yesterday had 2 total raids. One tried 9 times and quit (recorded), and a duo tried 47 times and quit (unrecorded). It didn't record the duo, so my base has only a 4.5 Kill Ratio and no loot from the 47 raider kills it EARNED. I can see them die over and over in the replays to my traps and guards but I get no credit for it because they just Alt+F4 or unplug their internet in the end which results in the creator being penalized and NOT the losers that couldn't beat my map. This is NOT okay.

I've shared here 4 screenshots of 2 raids that show what I got credit for (0, 0 raider kills) and how many times they actually died (24, 47 raider kills). The 7 hour one they tried and died repeatedly and one of them just left their console on, but I've seen every death. None of my outposts are mazes, none of them piston the HRV, none are impossible, and none of them are copied from YouTube or anything. They're just well thought out and I even make clear paths to the extra loot etc. They are just too hard for some players I guess... but that's not my fault and shouldn't be the fault of other people putting time into their outposts.

What is wrong with this game that it can't just keep track of such an easy and SIGNIFICANT factor? My outposts cost effort to keep up but the effort is not rewarded. It is a game breaking waste of time.

Absolutely loved this game until I realized it was so messed up in this way.


  • Amaroq64
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    The replay screen showing 0 kills seems to mean they died more times than it can count. Your build menu will show that people have been dying in your base.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    It may mean they never 'left' or 'abandoned' the raid.

    I saw it on one of mine too. The skulls/loot were in there and I gor the rewards and stuff, so for me it didnt really matter.

    Hope it is fixed soon.