The Best Part of This Game is Watching Replays

Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,454

I enjoy the dungeon building experience but it is so much more rewarding when you can actually watch players raiding your dungeon. Seeing a well placed trap kill someone is so fun. I literally sat down with a bag of popcorn last night to watch raiders attempt my dungeon. Best part of the game imho.


  • Amaroq64
    Amaroq64 Member Posts: 89

    I think I've spent more time working on my base and watching people die in it than playing the actual game.

  • Ilya_Lizard
    Ilya_Lizard Member Posts: 26

    Definitely. Also, I think that the replays system is one of the best retention mechanics in the game - I start it to watch some deaths and stay in the game for some more raids\base alterations. (It's why I think that the depletion mechanics and balance are broken and do not do the game itself any good - with no active outposts I have much less reason to visit)

  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,388

    My favorite part is probably just seeing the replay briefly end shortly after they die... because you can immediately tell that they quit out of frustration.

    There is something about it that I will never not find funny; especially when my base is incredibly easy compared to other bases, they just have to be played differently.

  • RicSimane
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    edited April 13

    Yeah, watching replays is the best thing. I recently stopped watching youtube when eating and instead I just turn on replays xD

    This and seeing the trail of gravestones that go though your whole outpost. You know an outpost works if your base looks like this :D

    (this outpost in in Social right now if anyone wants to check)