Outpost Kills Don't Count

MadAdams Member Posts: 2

Outpost kills don't count if people leave a certain way. Which they always do when it is hard. This game is a waste of time to not be rewarded for building outposts. I will speed run every map and ALT+F4 them ALL to bring down peoples outposts averages like are done to me multiple times every day. BTW PEOPLE. IF YOU CAN'T COMPLETE A RAID, PRESS ALT + F4. IT doesn't count for you and puts a 0 on the map maker. Every raid is free to the pain of the maker. Bring down every outpost, anger every player, until the Dev's notice and fix this MAJOR issue.

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  • JulianoPS
    JulianoPS Member Posts: 2

    Yeah, it sucks... Playing on playstation, my Brighton map just got 59 deaths, but replay shows zero apparently because of rage quits. An it happens to me a lot, including a map that was unable to prestige because of this. Loving the game, but i'll play more when the dev's have time to patch this.

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

    Oh THAT what was happening... I got 16 minutes raid with zero deaths and no genmat, and I was super surprised to see at least ten deaths. No resources, no tags, nothing for me from this raid :/

  • RCH347
    RCH347 Member Posts: 5

    I've been having this issue even when they do complete my base. I make it a point of pride that I test my maps to ensure playability before activating, so when I have someone get 18 deaths on a still-succussful run, I would like them to count, especially when they were half the deaths on that map. I had another run since then that had a death but was successful, and that one didn't count either. What kills me is that the deaths for me even register on the replay menu, but not in the command post and my outpost received no presitge for it.

  • Kulstar
    Kulstar Member Posts: 5

    OK well if that happens to me I quit cos I've been having enough issues already. Love the games concept and design but they shouldn't have released it in this state as it's becoming unplayable and no fun as keep just getting frustrating as I think I'm stuck with almost every bug I'm reading in this section and only joined to make them aware of the bugs existence.