Add "Custodian ID Cards" to MYM like in Monster Hunter!

TheLegalCustodian Member Posts: 13

Hi everyone. I was watching replays of people raiding my Outposts and it would be really nice to see the rank of those players and maybe other stats like how many Outposts they have already raided in their career and other stats like favourite / most used weapon/loadout.

MYM is a social game and so it would be great if the Custodians raiding your Outposts have something like a face or history to them.

It would be great to be able to create something like a "Player Card" that you can edit yourself with various pieces of information that you want to share with the community - similar to the Hunder ID cards in Monster Hunter that you can share with friends and random Co-Op players .

Here are some ideas for the "Custodian Card"

  • Basic information like playtime, level, Chimera level, rank
  • A picture of your Custodian with your favourite skins
  • Favourite loadout, playtime on each given weapon, most used consumable
  • Show of a title that is made out of a pool of words that are unlocked depending on your feats in the game like "Deadly (word unlocked after killing 100 mobs) Nurse (unlocked after reaching Chimera level 20)
  • Stats from your own most successful mastered Outpost including a challenge to beat it in social mode

With such a Player Card you will always leave your own business card after every raid, flex your stats and gain some notoriety in the community.

The dogmarks you leave behind are a good start, but there is a lot more room to improve the social experience. :)

Let me know what you think!