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Just a few random ideas I wanted to note down, in case anyone else likes them.

  • Silent Activation (generic trap mod excl. holocubes and acid cubes) - 30 Capacity
    • Reduces the volume of the warning activation by 75%, and delays the on screen notification by 0.25s.
  • Speed Limiter (generic trap mod excl. holocubes and acid cubes) - 5 Capacity
    • Increases the warning time of a trap by 0.5s. Also halves the difficulty rating contribution of the trap.
  • Perfect Camouflage (Holocube mod) - 30 Capacity
    • Allows you to apply Decals to the sides of the Holocube. Still retains the 'shimmer' effect unless also modded.
  • Explosive Bolts (Boltshot mod) - 30 Capacity
    • After striking a surface, fired bolts will charge up an explosion with the same warning and charge time as Deadman's Switch/Explosive Impaler mods.
  • Third Wave (generic trap mod) - 10 Capacity
    • Triggers after all Forgotten Tombs have been destroyed.

  • Doubleshot (generic guard mod) - 50 Capacity
    • Guard attacks twice in succession with a 0.5s gap.
  • Battle Helmet (generic guard mod) - 20 Capacity
    • Protects guards from headshots.
  • Heightened Senses (generic guard mod) - 20 Capacity
    • Allows guards to detect Custodians from any angle.


  • magic1236
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    These are quite cool. Though third wave seems a bit pointless as some may ignore the tombs or go for them after already done with the raid.

    and also dang you beat me to the punch on making a form to do suggestions for mods. Here are some of my own. Ideas. The sadly not as specific as yours will edit as more come to mind


    speed trap. - if player is grappling past the trap it instantly triggers. But if a player just walks by it it dose it’s normal activation time or even a slower then normal one .

    Egal eye able to be used on iron claws

    see though - for Corrosive cubes certain traps like iron claw have line of sigh through a single acid cube. The cube is more transparent, and mods like opaque can’t be used on it. If the acid cube has another acid cube directly touching it that second acid cube would block the line of sight even if it ask had the mod

    secret door - HRV can walk through Holocube but at random intervals the holocube will greatly flicker reveling what’s behind it. Traps and guards won’t have line if sight when it flickers. Can’t use picture perfect mod when this is equipped

    time delay - trap is invisible till player walks past its trigger area in witch case it takes about 2-5 seconds before it becomes “active”. However will have the same long arming time as a second wave trap and makes a loud noise after it is revealed.

  • Darkyan
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    I'd have to say no to anything that changes audio or activation/detection time.

    Other than that, Helmet and explosive bolts are lovely.