Forgotten Tomb access should be an activation requirement

RicSimane Member Posts: 42

We all hate this. We search the outpost for a minute only to find all tombs completely sealed with blocks with no way to access them. You are probably using A* or some other pathfinding algorithm for harvester so it's probably not a big deal for you to detect if a player blocked a tomb or not.


  • Varzin
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    Not sure if it should be a building requirement but I get the frustration. I've seen multiple bases where the tomb wasn't just walled off but walled off with see-through cubes as if to tease raiders that they can't get the tomb. That's boarding on toxic base design.

  • RicSimane
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    If not a requirement than it could be an optional requirement. Like some text that informs that it's not encouraged to seal forgotten tombs.

    To be honest blocking it with cubes is not bad. You can grapple hook without dying through one cube and with that defensive shield weapon you can even through multiple cubes. Plus each cube costs 15 while a block is only 1.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I mean, it's not necessarily toxic, but it is annoying to see.

    My least favorite ones are the ones that intentionally use Corrosive Cubes that make it possible to enter and get the Forgotten Tomb BUT make it physically impossible to escape without dying.

    Ive also seen ones that intentionally break them at the start of the match (which denies XP as well) and when the player dies all the loot gets sent to the Shadow Realm... worst part is, because they are broken, you cant tell if they are there because the audio cue goes away, so there is almost no chance you reach the loot before dying.

  • magic1236
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    Something cool I have seen people do is “block” the tombs with second wave holocubes. I say this is a smart utilization of the tombs. They make them be something to get after you get the genmat so you are risking dying to get the extra loot.

  • Seraphor
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    I tried this. I had two obvious entrances, the main one that Harvey walks into, and a second one absolutely covered in flashy decals to say "Tombs are obviously in here" but with a second wave holocube blocking the entrance.

    Nobody used it. Even raiders who would check it out first, smack it with their sword, and then enter the main route, would just rush out and instantly leave.

    (was it a giant pyramid by any chance? it might have been mine, if so you must have been the only one to do so)

  • NotJared
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    I think a neat incentive to making Forsaken Tombs accessible is to reward the builder a slight amount every time a Raider collects one, but not with a reward larger than one would get from killing a Raider (so you still have incentivization to trap the Tombs if you want rather than making it more lucrative to give Tombs away as free handouts)

  • Darkyan
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    It is indeed cool and ingenious, but the majority of people don't know you can grapple through lava block and survive, so it's also a huge bummer when you hear the tomb sealed off by a second wave and just kind of forget about it. Not worth the extra death and restarting the entire level to try again.

    edit : Forsaken tomb should drop loot for the builder if destroyed.

    Would be a huge incentive to either guide raiders, or use them as traps to get kills and loot.

  • magic1236
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    No it wasn’t a giant pyramid. Though what they did was have the tombs be on the same path that the raiders had to take. I have it listed in the community creation posts I made cause it was an awsome raid. They had two entrances but they had it where one was the “main” entrance but HRV dose not take that entrance. But then during secound way you can’t leave it so you have to take the path HRV takes

    but ya I feel people haven’t realized you can do this so the think the tomb is complete entombed. I have only just realized one can do this because I noticed how you can place holocubs on them. And then realized “well if the tomb is covered by a bedrock it has to be a second way holocube”