Prestige 10 is the dead end?

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Once the outpost is empty for the 11th time, it can no longer be refilled? What's the point, I thought at 10 prestige you can replenish it endlessly.

But no, it's useless now.

For what? I created such a good outpost, normal, 216 raiders, 973 kills, not a killbox but an interesting one. now delete it? it is very sad

For social raid outpost name : Dimmitt

not the most beautiful outpost, but for the first "normal" is not bad

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  • Seraphor
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    You can stick it in Social so others (who know about it) can play it.

    I do think there should be some way of resurrecting P10 outposts. Something like a once-per-week token to revive a P10 for 24hrs, or maybe it costs 600 Cells + the Synthite cost to reuse after P10.

  • magic1236
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    Place it in social and edit your post to show the name of the outpost here so we can try looking it up and raiding it for fun

  • Dreamnomad
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    I get being frustrated, but I also see the wisdom in having an endpoint for dungeons. Otherwise we'll all winding up playing the same dungeons forever if there is no mechanic to force players to build new dungeons. The fact that any given dungeon is a limited time experience is a good thing imho.

  • chezpizza
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    I feel ya, without a social menu like Mario maker to see what new or highly rated outposts were published the outpost feels basically dead. Sure you can share it with friends, reddit or discord but the user traffic will be sparse in comparison to the standard raid.

    Personally after p10 I think the outpost should go on a cooldown timer for 24 hours (maybe more depending on its difficulty) so they can be refilled or pay a high amount of resources (let's say 2k synth) to reactive it.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I would think if you enjoy it being active, and it has been 'rertired', build it again on a new lot.

    If the traps were effective, reuse those techniques in a new revamped version.

    I get the desire for a masterpiece to live on forever, but with streamers out there your base may become known and figured out and progressively less effective.

    A large part of this amazing game is the 'gotcha' effect. Once you 'got em' raiders should be learning and adapting; so builders need to learn and adapt too. This is what will keep the game fresh and entertain for years to come.

    Having the same 5-6 maps forever would 'complete' the building portion of the game for a player and result in less maps for raiders, which is less content and less to do. It could snowball pretty quick.

    All that being said, depending on the size of the community, a single map could live well for a very long time before it needs 'retirement'

    I hope the devs explore a better balance.