Allow Outposts to be Enabled/Disabled/Refilled/Set to Social From the Sanctuary

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Currently, if I want to activate my outpost, deactivate it, refill its genmat, or set it to a Social raid, I have to load up the entire level, wait for the loading screen, toggle the pause menu, select the activation status, then exit the outpost, sit on another loading screen, and wait for the Sanctuary to load.

If I have more than one outpost I want to change, this time multiplies exponentially.

It feels excruciatingly tedious to follow this process to simply activate an outpost. It would be very nice and streamlined if we could change outpost Activation status from the Sanctuary hub.

I understand having us opening the level to prestige it, as outpost capacity is increased upon prestige so we should be encouraged to open and change the level. But for interactions that I don't need to change the level for, the loading screens for both entering and exiting the level can be very long and it's a very time-consuming process that I think could be cleaned up.


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    After browsing a lot of the feedback both here and elsewhere over the last few weeks, I think I've safely arrived to the conclusion that most players don't even realize that they can Refill the GenMat and reactivate their Outpost if their base fails to prestige at any level: Most players are assuming it's dead and gone forever.

    I think the features proposed in this thread would work as an incredible UX/easy-of-use experience, both exposing players to the admittedly well-hidden feature of Refilling genmat, and with less time spent on loading screens I believe the frustration that comes from the current perceived futility of attempting to get enough points to Prestige a base will be lessened.