Ability to Customize Building Cubes

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The way current building cubes work, all of the sides look different, and the idea behind it is it to rotate the cube to get the texture that you want to build with...

The issue with this is that it causes complications with building where you have a side that you do not want seen in plain view for everyone to see.

For many of the artistic builders out (such as myself), I find this annoying. I wish I could edit the cubes I place and make their sides the same, then place a different cube and have one side be different. That way I can get that perfect look at the exact spot I want it to.

And I know someone will mention "what about decoration items?" but spamming those outside of a base is not only ugly but just covers up that this is an issue with artistic building.

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  • Darkyan
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    Would love a decal for each "Normal type block" that would incorporate all side of the block by pressing the "Switch form" button, just like how we go from cube to wedge. Do that with decals i'd be satisfied.

  • zbord
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    Want an internal edge to complete the 3 block shapes. Cube, slope, external edge. Would also be neat if decals could be doubled up. Yellow hazard strip on the blue background or a blood splatter on the orange emblem thing for example.