Feedback: shield/corrosive trap/ressources

Lightspirit Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2


First of all i like this game, so i want it to be better. Here is a feedback with some ideas to improve the game.

Shield weapon: too strong, and not skilled at all. It should protect only from the way you look at (the consumable shield is already a 360° shield). It should not protect from claws AFTER grab (sword do it, and you have to face the trap to cut the claws). It should not desactivate claws unless you perform a perfect timing, simply bounce the claws. But it would be great to be able to reflect projectile with a perfect timing.

Corrosive cube: It could be great to be able to use trap through non-opaque corrosive trap (legally i mean, i've seen abuse about this trap with opaque mod it's really annoying). it could be possible with a specific mod for some trap like bolts, claws or flame thrower and with a range reduction.

Ressources ratio: It could be nice to be able to trade ressources (even with a high ratio)

Thanks for reading