Harvester path broken despite clear unbroken path

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In build mode, the harvester tries to walk through walls to get to the GenMat. The path line breaks where the harvester tries to go through the wall, but the line picks up again further in the level and continues to the GenMat fine. Nothing is blocking its path, there are no gaps, and no traps have been placed yet, but it sticks to trying to go through walls instead. This stops me from being able to activate my builds. Playing on PS4.

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  • MadMoeZel
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    Post a screneshot of the spot the path breaks at. i may be able to figure out your issue.

  • mirrormask
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    @MadMoeZel Sorry for the late reply - didn't catch your message. My PS4 is having issues with screenshots so I took some quick crappy photos with my phone. One of where the HRV breaks, and another of where the path picks back up later anyway and goes straight to the GenMat - I don't understand what's going on.

  • MadMoeZel
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    best advice i have is change the type of block your using. switch to stone, or glass, or hellscape. see if that works

  • hastarkis
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    The system is kinda tricky and not super intuitive. The game doesn't know your intentions, it doesn't know which way you want HRV to take and therefore it can't show you a real problem.

    Like, imagine fresh outpost with default layout. If I delete several blocks of the original path, the game try to calculate the shortest path and shows red point right where I broke it. Even if I try to make another way (invalid by mistake) the game still shows the original broken path: it can't possibly know I was trying to create a new one. This another way isn't valid and the game doesn't see it so I don't even know where I built it wrong.

    Since the game doesn't know which way should be valid (but actually invalid), it shows the break of the latest valid path, it can't see all new ones you are trying to create but fail.

    Check this out. Here's the normal path:

    Then I try to rebuild it. But somehow my path is broken even I CLEARLY have a good way to genmat?..

    I even try to force HRV in a right way but he doesn't want and goes into a wall? Everything is ok, I have EXACTLY same way but one block left?

    What's wrong with it? Ahhh, here it is, I accidentaly put wrong shape, this block seems to make the path invalid.

    And... yes, now it can see new path as valid.

    See? The break was in completely wrong place but there are hundreds of invalid paths along with yours so the game uses the latest valid path as reference and that's it.

    Your problem could be a bug, actually, sometimes the system just doesn't work and glitch itself. But in my experience (not only my building but also from people who complained about same thing) more often than not it's indeed invalid path. In my example the break in new path is close and easy to see but imagine building a new long creative path, the actual break can be ANYWHERE actually and really hard to notice. Especially with those shapes:

    I can't recall all times I failed this way x)

    So, general advice: try to check the WHOLE path, not only that "broken" part of it. Be careful, pedantic and picky. Check all weak spots: all ramps, all turnes, all conic shapes, check ceilings and walls. Those could look normal for you but can be actually impassable for HRV, it needs more than half of the block to move. Even though you think the path have to be valid here - check everything.

    Maybe you even want to dig an alternative hole from genmat and put straight path outside of your actual building: with no ceiling, no ramps (or no roofed ones) and no creative shapes and turnes - to force a valid recalculation. I bet this new straight path will be ok (then it's not a bug for sure), and your problem is in some accidental ceiling/corner blocks you can't notice bc they seem normal and you are too focused around red points.

    Hope, you'll figure it out!

  • MadMoeZel
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    i found an interaction that invalidates HRV path.

    this one pyramid block is the only difference.

    edit - this fixes it????

  • Seraphor
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    This is crazy.

    I also found a similarly perplexing issue, where having a slope ceiling was fine, but replacing this with a corner piece (which technically provides more clearance above his head) was invalid.

  • MadMoeZel
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    this is nowhere near the craziest thing i've found. a group of friends and i filed a support ticket to report the bug that i accidentally created in one of my bases. we don't want it in the bug report forum so people don't copy it and it shows up everywhere. it's worse than 2nd wave acid ^.^