Trap Idea: Pressure Plate (or Linked trap upgrade)

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Here is the idea. Currently traps can only be activated by raider standing directly in front of them. That's fine but quite limiting. How about spicing things up? :>

Pressure Plate would be a trap that can be placed on any surface and mimics the look of a normal block (something like the Hologram trap). The trap can be linked with up to 2 other traps within 5 block distance and those traps also become inactive and look like a normal cube (just like with Second Wave upgrade).

It can be triggered by player stepping on the plate, touching it or firing a grappling hook at it. It can also be activated by Guards stepping on it. Harvey can walk on it but does not trigger the trap.

Once the Pressure Plate is pressed it emits a sound and triggers all the traps that are linked to it. To give player a chance to react when activated red glowing lines would be temporarily drawn from the Pressure Plate to traps that are connected. There could also be a very small time delay between stepping on the Pressure Plate and activating traps connected to it.

Optional idea:

Instead of a separate trap just allow us to link traps as an upgrade so that once 1 trap is activated it also activates some other trap.

What do You think about it? Does it sound fun or OP? I personally would live an ability to build more complex hazards. Imagine


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    I have been wanting something ther where you can have traps activate after the player passes them. Like it wound activate till other traps activate bechse if they try to back away or escape that trap they now have to deal with the other trap. And currently you can’t set that up Becuse the backup trap will trigger before they go into the other traps.