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Anyone ideas for future DLCs?

Tell me down below.

Take my money behaviour ia, if there would be released a DLC that includes Guards that are already Plated, so i can use 2 other augmentations.

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  • wydyadoit
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    invisible guards.


    ice floors.

    conveyor belts.

    giant boxing gloves.

    fake tombs.

    lightning trap.


    explosive barrels.

    physics objects.

    giant boulders.

    swinging bridge.

    interactive switches.


    flamethrower unit.

    target trap.

    swinging axe.


    railway traps



    smoke and gas.

    one way mirror.

    secret bookshelf wall.

    3/4ths block.

    hollow tube block.

    gravity manipulator.

    railgun/gauss cannon.

    intel based custodian.

    stealth custodian.

    block removal/demolition/excavation based custodian.

    suicide bomber guard

    alternative movement/non-grapple hook based custodian.

    tanky custodian.

    body armor item that blocks 1 hit for free.

    handheld riot shield weapon.

    satchel charge for non-bedrock block destruction.

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    Some of these sound fun and good. But also some feel unlikely to fit with the lore. But who knows there is always a way

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    Dude Those ideas sounds amazing!

    How about gamemodes?

    A Parkour Mode where is all about to rush trough the Level as fast as you can, without Harvey so we can build big distances on the map and Show your skills with your grapplinghook, of course with some traps where you need to have Ninja reflexes.

    I could even imagin an Arena fight 3vs3, Team deathmatch, but with swords and bolts.

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    Different types of outposts. Allow me to elaborate. Right now we have a static outpost. It doesn't move visually, lore wise something is being taken from deep within it.

    But what if we had a train, an outpost that is visually moving, and is transporting something in lore. It would be longer than it is wide, so the dimensions you can build in are going to be different. Maybe to escape you just have to fall off the train, which could provide an additional challenge if builders find a compelling way to push raiders outside the train.

    According to some voice lines the Chimera towers are powerful fortresses themselves. Maybe in the future there could be a raid system where "co-op" is literal with each player having to tackle a different section themselves and then meet in the middle. Very high stakes, it can only go into overdrive, big payout for everyone.