Im Really Getting Tired Of This...

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Most bases Ive come across are just Genmant kill-boxes that abuse the Second Wave Corrosive Cube exploit. I really hope this gets fixed soon.

Ranged weapons are basically useless, running is basically useless since traps activate quicker than normal Second Wave traps (because the Boltshots/Incinerators are not actually Second Wave) and the path is extremely long and uses Death Pistons to block the way.

It feels like Im forced to rely on Sledgeblade and Arc Barrier just deal with these, which kind of kills my mood because I really like to have variety.


  • TehoKone
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    Well, there is a common trend among game devs. If you exploit, you will play with exploiters.

    Or you're just unlucky.

    Remember to report exploiters.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I mean, I do not exploit. Ive been telling people I know to not use this exploit since it could have repercussions (and also because, ya know, it's lame to abuse it).

  • Mcdoogan
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    Maps like this will fall through the cracks, best to just report them and move on till they patch this out. Also blocking the player who made that map in game makes it so you will never get their maps again.

  • ErrorUserIsDead
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    I don't understand why this wasn't just patched immediately. Likely something just got unhooked while adjusting second wave to stop the DMS from being as fast.

  • magic1236
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    I just don’t make corrosive cubes secound wave to try and not unintentionally do the exploit. Though I guess I am getting lucky enough to not encounter bases like this or just didn’t realize it

  • wydyadoit
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    i've never had an issue with this. second wave sentinels basically do the same thing.

    you get an indicator that something is about to shoot you. shield it or deflect it. or just run. send me the maps that make you so upset and i'll show you how to beat them.

  • magic1236
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    I respect this. Btw do you have to use the arc barrier. Are you able to use the load out you like and use the consumable shield?

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I have all the consumables unlocked, and most of the weapons I have are maxed out, I tend to change my loadouts depending on what mood Im in.

    The Arc Barrier is one of the best counters to this exploit, since it leaves room for your equipment to have the utility you need (typically Grenades and Phoenix Pods).

    Flash Barriers can also work but with certain traps (like Incinerators) it's not so helpful.

    It mainly just depends on what kill-box the player made.

  • Darkyan
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    Heads up ; You can grapple through a lava block without any shield to go destroy most of those traps. It takes about 1 full second for lava to register a kill, so as long as you're out of that specific lava cube before then you won't die to it.

    That screenshot of yours especially looks like a very simple grapple kill to me.

    Sure there will be some A-hole putting lavacube above lavacube below lavacubes, but that's when you just leave and block.

    Note worthy ; you can't put a trap inside a lava cube, so there will always be a space between the Second wave cube and the trap. ( which might be trapped by an impaler or more flamethrower... Be wary of that at least. )

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    The screenshot was definitely one of the easier bases abusing it, most bases Ive seen use two/three layers of Corrosive Cubes.

  • wydyadoit
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    Eh. Idk. The fact that it’s definitely unintended before anything else makes your frustration valid. And I’m not saying it isnt valid by any means.

    but until it’s patched either into an intended feature OR patched out then that’s the thing about this game. We’re all learning new ways to abuse the base builder. That’s what the devs wanted us to do. They say as much in their week 1 welcome letter.

    i’m working with some base building features currently to see if i can make a dead drop genmat that guarantees death if you take the genmat. I have a 1500 capacity base specifically for experimental purposes.

    so far I’ve made a 3 way drop boltshot that at first guaranteed kills, but then i watched someone beat it out. Now I’m incorporating incinerators and experimenting with their viability given the 3 second delay.

    I don’t agree with abusing unintended features obviously, but making hellish bases is the point of the building mechanic. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    i hope you’ll still try my bases as the evolve.