A new low in outpost design.

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I've felt like playing a bit today. (Just raiding, until they guarantee visits to an outpost I'm not investing a minute on that.)

No less than two outposts had a way to kill Harvey instantly at the start.

That's a new low.

Naturally I've reported the outposts (I feel that's an exploit that's not mean to happen) and blocked the builders.


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    I find it okay to do this, cruel, but perfectly fine strategy if they made a maze outpost. While people can make surprisingly efficient mazes with HRV still showing the way. I think one can become much more creative and have there traps spread all around the maze instead of just having dead ends, with not having to worry about people just following HRV to the genmat and ignoring all other paths. The genmat still has a viable path to it. There is no cheating or making it an impossible or unbeatable outpost. Time consuming, yes. But a much more intresting challenge then death boxes and feels more like a test on one will and mind then one’s reflexes and Brute force in a sense.

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    I do that, it cost me 50 capacity, and it leads to one trap that's 5 block away from the beginning.

    I include 2 main ways to the GenMat.

    Regardless of how you want it, I'll find a way to kill harvey to trap you once on a stupid pitfall <3 Because creative pitfalls are funny.

    If you see a maze, leave and block the user, that's all I'll say.

  • TragicSolitude
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    A new low? I've experienced Builders hiding traps behind second-wave opaque Corrosive Cubes, suicide bombers dropping from the ceiling, and Incinerators behind wedges where if you even manage to get to it you won't be able to get back out and will have to restart. Destroying HRV at the beginning doesn't kill the Raider, it's just to encourage playing the maze as it's intended (and the good ones will have hints for Raiders who pay attention) or to encourage someone to explore (my friend built a base that destroys HRV, and it's not a maze at all but it does have a very short path that branches off to a Tomb and he wanted there to be a chance Raiders might actually go that direction, otherwise it's a very straightforward Outpost).

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    Now, while it's somehow a dirty trick, we should take into consideration that there is no other way to make a maze or use holographic pit traps effectively - and those are a classic part of any dungeon.

    So while I would be the first to blame and shame people, who exploit various corrosive cube mechanics, I would say that killing the Harvy is somehow ok (poor Harvey, though) - depending on how it is used in the adventure.

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    I have a battle arena where you drop in the front door and all hell breaks loose.

    90% of players ignore the front door and go all the way around to the back merely because that's where the harvester goes. It's like they're bots or something who just automatically go where his path is.

    I don't kill the harvester, but it's a clever and tempting idea that I might use in the future. It's not just for mazes, but could also be for battle arenas and obstacle courses where you want the player to play it properly and not just book it straight for the secret back entrance that bypasses the intended challenge.

    (For me, they don't bypass anything because the back entrance comes around near the hole in the front, but they do get a good sniping position on one of the monsters and take out a trap that would otherwise probably kill them, so I let them have that advantage if they choose to go around.)

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    Meanwhile, i´m setting up an elaborated map where the fastest path autodeletes (corrosive cubes) on second stage...

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    pretty sure ive played a map similar to this. it wasn't very exciting. i grenaded the warmongers that dogpile the little space behind the genmat and sprinted through the rest of the maze. was shorter that i expected.