Skin(s) in the game

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I would love to see a wider variety of skins.

I toss these ideas out and let them go for bEhavoir and there devs to use:

Steam punk: We are halfway there with the metal and grunge, just make a slight turn and we will arrive. Matching guards/weapon/suit skins

(Non copyright infringing) TRON: High contrast black with glowing neon blue/red accents. Matching guard/weapon/suit skins.

Beastly guard skins: Im notca huge fan of the cyborg/zombie look myself. It works. Im thinking big werewolves, harpys, skeletons, ogres, snakes, dragons, slime monsters, all sorts. Sure it might break the theme feel a little, but could be fun.

100% Robot: guard skins. No fleshy bits, all robot.

Blocks/decals: color variety. Decals that just change the color of a block. For those artsy builds.


Sand trap: Non lethal but holds the raider in place (or drastically slowing them) for a set time. Triggers until destroyed.

Spring board trap: flings the raider in a direction a set distance.

Rolling (Spiked) ball: (Indiana Jones anyone?) 1 block size ball rolls a distace and crushes the raider. Breaks when stoppedx by an obstacle

Swinging pendulum: swings in a lethal falling arc, dodgeable, but returns for a second lethal the back swing.

Guillotine drop: drops a killing blade that remains to block the path until destroyed.

Magnet panel: Guides player bolts and grapple hook to it.

On a note for game play upgrade:

Slower gen mat consumption on build maps.

12 - 24 hours (x10 prestige) for a build you out blood and sweat into (emphasis on the raider blood) doesnt swem quite long enough.

I gotta say I really enjoy this game immenely. Thanks you devs for your efforts and I will likely play this game until it dies.


  • magic1236
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    Like your ideas. Though with skins I think it would be great but only if they somehow fit with the lore