The Issues with Prestiging

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Prestiging bases has issues that, as a builder, make me feel discouraged to keep building. First off, prestige costs. Simply put they're too high to be sustainable with multiple bases active. Anything more than 4 bases is hard to keep up and you end up spending most of your time raiding just to keep up costs. Second, the danger system. Prestiging raises your capacity, which in turn can raise your difficulty. This is bad for two reasons. One, is that you probably chose a lower capacity specifically to have a lower difficulty. I (and I'm sure others) don't always want to build massive 4500 bases. Sometimes it's more fun to build in constraints. Prestiging guarantees you'll eventually end up in brutal, which leads me to my second point which is the difficulty changing kills the balance of brutal. You can have a massive base with 6000 capacity in the same section as one with around 2000.

These reasons makes prestiging feel more like a punishment than a reward, and is killing my drive to want to build. I get that bhvr probably has these things in place to encourage people to keep building new things, but it feels awful when you spend hours on a base only to either be unable to keep it up or have it kicked out of the difficulty you wanted it in and put in the same catagory with bases with more than double capacity (still with a very high prestige/reset cost).

So what can you do to fix these issues? First, to fix the high costs, make prestiging a flat 500. Also make synthite more common/obtainable as pretty much the only way now is just Prota's boost. This can be done in many different ways. A few suggestions I have are make deaths in your bases drop more materials, make forsaken tombs drop more, leveling the chimera gives more, beating 3 champion bases rewards more, or adding a trader that can trade parts for synthite (inefficiently ofc). To fix the danger level issue simply keep the danger level you buy it at. If you're worried about balance, I'd be 100% fine with prestiging rewarding less capacity for this change (and to solve the issue of bases have more capacity than allowed, simply allow you to go over, but not activate if you are. This would also make building more convenient in general).

This is currently my main problem with this game with only a few other minor things I dislike. I really do enjoy playing, but if base building stays like this I'm sure I'll end up quitting. This game has amazing potential to be great, but for now it hasn't reached that. Thanks for reading.

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    Prestige doesn't forcefully turn a dangerous base into a brutal base.

    It's affected by how many traps and mods Harvey the little Harvester robot has to go through.

    In general, if you keep it around 1750 USED capacity you'll be at dangerous

    Anything above 1800 goes Brutal

    Or was it 2750?... Nah it's definitely 1750

    Agree with the Multi-base cost being way too high though. I can't keep more than 1 base prestige a day without going broke.

  • sphicy
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    Ahh, good to know. Still a bad system IMO. You should be able to use what you've earned without having to deal with that, and brutal difficulty is still a whole unbalanced mess because of those who don't know it isn't forceful (Like I).

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    Heh, I recall a base I prestiged and it went from Dangerous to Brutal before I got the chance to change anything.

    The mere act of prestiging it upped the difficulty. Probably a bug? But I stopped caring.

    Prestige system has drained all the craps I give about building interesting bases.

    Large Brutal maps only for maximum tombs and maximum Raider payout, I'm marking all the tombs for easy access, no traps, the genmat is perfectly unprotected, and I'm spending all my trap points to build a self-destructing room that rewards a billion Trap Backfired Exp you just gotta poke or leisurely stroll through to set it all off and then stroll back to collect the random drops.

    I do not care any more.

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    My main issue with the system currently is that large outposts feel significantly harder to keep open. I've yet to get a large outpost (4500 capacity starting) past prestige 5 even with multiple accolades and plenty of raider deaths. I have two small outposts running that already have enough points to prestige multiple times even if they stopped receiving any traffic.

    I get that part of the prestige system is meant to keep a fresh rotation of outposts in the pool but losing those larger outposts because they hit a deadzone for a few hours and suddenly can't keep up with prestige cost is making me gravitate away from ever buying another large outpost again. I like to put effort into my bases and the larger ones being easier to lose feels counter-productive considering those usually get more effort.