Report Any base with corrosive cube (second wave) with traps behind it , all down a single hallway

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As said above.

it’s not a feature of the game. If that were true, or someone who has a base like this tells you it’s true. Ask them , “ then why does my trap not work shooting through the corrosive cube while not in second wave?”.

pure exploitation of the game, report report report, leave that game, block the player, at least you know you’ll never play his or her base ever again.

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  • Darkyan
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    It's a feature until it's not.

    There's some fun traps to be made with that, and since you're aware that Second wave lava is suspicious you should know to be wary of traps behind newly appeared lava blocks.

    Feel free to leave and block users that make un-fun base like spamming rooms and hallways of bullshit. There's always gonna be some terrible outposts

    But spamming reports because someone made ingenious use of a lava combo is just counter productive for the report team.

    I can't wait until you meet the Dead Man grunt trap or flamethrower wedge trap if that ticks you off that much.

    Edit : can we take a moment to realize that maybe the lava blocks actually intended to have detection through the first wave but only works on the second wave by accident? In which case, your argument is inversed, why does it work on 2nd, but not 1st? Maybe 1st wave is bugged out. You don't know that.

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    Corrosive Cube / Second Wave / Solid object augmentation- traps behind it that can shoot you , and you cannot fight back… we can’t bring enough equipment to even make it out…. Can’t bring enough shields, you only got 2, what’s the point of arc barrier when the hallway you have to run down is littered with death pistons , so all the incinerators with dragon breath behind the cubes you can’t shoot at , kill you… a death cube base has more respect from me, than a base like this…. The death cube will take time and patience, as to where the cube exploit is unbeatable.

    but yeah, you spread the message it’s part of the game, and watch everyone have this type of base…. Then bye bye MyM when that happens. You gotta be young to even suggest this is ok.

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  • Rimaka1
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    @Darkyan Thats an out of the box way of thinking about it, and i appreciate that sort of thing.

    so two things;

    1) As @UmbrellaWeapon said above, not being able to even fight back goes against petty much everything the game wants.

    2) this wasnt an issue during the Closed testing part of the game. Second wave Corrosive Cubes didnt have this bug/exploit. and they worked like the first wave cubes do at the current moment which is how they are supposed to work.

    So it is a bug and bases the heavily abuse it should be reported. That being said i think it could be cool as a mod if it was tweaked super hard so that it doesnt just go back to what it is currently; maybe like limited LoS through it or something but its probably better if they just patch it instead of allowing it to continue unchecked like it currently is.

  • LordVoidron
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    I've played through and beaten several of these "Unbeatable" hallway bases. They really aren't that bad when you figure out that you can:

    1) Sidestep the splash-back of firing into corrosive cubes.

    2) Only need to destroy immediate threats (pistons, flame turrets facing the genmat)

    3) Use the ample activation time of 2nd wave defenses to make distance.

    4) Default grenades can break objects around corners before you reach them. If you know it will be a problem seconds from now, bounce one off the wall towards the problem.

    Your choice in weapons matters a bit, but ive done them with default railgun (no upgrades, i only upgrade melees). You can use the starting "Fury's Edge" to break any form of ranged projectile if there are bolt casters, or "Sledge Blade" if you dont need to break alot of traps but want the far lunge distance to lunge at traps ahead and get further from a flame trap firing behind you.

    Far from the worst thing in this game, usually only takes 5-15 atttempts to learn the trap placement and whats actually a threat.

  • RaidenHusky
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    I hella disagree with "report report report"

    Until BHVR comes out and says its an exploit, and patches it, don't fill their report inbox with BS noise and blame the base builder

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    My argument against the original poster would be that all traps and ammo can be shot through corrosive cubes at all times if a trap is triggered before and the raider hides behind one for cover example is a guard or hunter bolt etc. Same goes for raiders picking off guards and traps through corrosive blocks. So given all that and wave two functions as it does, its more likely wave one is bugged and traps should be triggered 100% of the time regardless of wave or mod, so using these as cover is the exploit to dismantle and destroy a good base set up

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    "why does my trap not work shooting through the corrosive cube while not in second wave?" maybe it's wave 1 that's bugged and they should.

  • MadMoeZel
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    BHVR already said they're banning frivilous reports. let them report. it'll get rid of the whining complainers who think they should be able to see through and shoot through acid by say it's wildly unfair if a trap does the same.

  • Alertix
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    The fact that people report when no official statement given in the game is crazy, and more than likely shooting your own self in the foot.


    1) I would personally love to see wave 1 corrosive cubes be able to be seen through just like the wave 2.

    2) I'd even go as far as accepting opaque corrosive cubes to be shot through

    3) it definitely needs balancing, that is one thing we have common ground on. I've heard someone suggesting a mod specifically for traps to target through the block. Let's call that mod identifier for use case scenario.

    So since the game would only allow two mods you could have the following combinations

    Opaque+ identifier but not second wave

    Identifier+ second wave but not opaque

    Now this isn't an exact solution but it was a good way of thinking.

    4) I make opaque cube bases each with their own slight variation but it involves mainly kill room on genmat (incinerators on every wall, impalers on roof and floor etc.) With flames behind corrosive cubes, so you physically can't get your shots back, made specifically to counter duos.

    5) I tell you that in number four simply to let you know the bases I make will fall into your category but can be beaten within 30 secs or less guaranteed everytime but you have to have unlocked two things and know a couple things when addressing the base.

    First you need the stamina thing (PS4 player still new) and the shield bubble, or u can substitute it for hand shield.

    Run in stand by genmat, pop stam, grab genmat, run immediately out of initial room towards hallway, throw shield down wait for traps to reset, run again, if there's another hallway get ready to bubble shield again, and your out. Now that's just my bases and the way I design them so you may need even a shield with the two other upgrades for other bases, I have encountered that.

    6) I've used this method to not only destroy others that do this, but to show that this base is made specifically for rushers. Where as other bases are made to lure your eye to catch you slipping, it's a different way to go about building. I know someone said mym wasn't intended for you to not fightback im assuming they mean as in not being able to get your ammo back because it's behind a lot of cubes and you can't shield block to get the ammo. What if the base was made in a specific section for you not to destroy the traps but rather run through only. Too me it gives more depth and an actual reason for the bubble shield instead of using it as an oh sht button.

    Also one other thing to not if the base has two layer deep corrosive cubes the amount spent on those traps alone cost ridiculous to actually get even a 40 cube path down, now if they don't have that second layer corrosive cubes you'd more than likely have to walk it as those are made to counter rushers but look like a rushers base, however they are even easier to counter you simply shoot the traps behind the 1 layer corrosive, spam your equipped shield walk half way into the cube and you can get your ammo back. (Please note these are vague helpful tips and can only be applied to certain bases like these)

    7)Thank you for reading, and good luck out there! Hopefully I'll run into your bases and be sure to drop some accolades, unless if I'm already blocked and reported. In which case best of luck fellow maker & raider! 🙂

  • worldnamer
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    An official statement HAS been made. This IS an exploit. They are working on patching it.

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  • MadMoeZel
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    they said "fix" they haven't confirmed how. it was in a reddit AMA you should be able to google "Meet Your Maker Reddit April AMA"

    best part about this, go make a post about how they can pull ammo through a solid object and they'll call that an intended game mechanic. i fully intend to be pushing for the magnetic ammo pickup to REQUIRE line of sight to recover bolts.

  • worldnamer
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    Beyond the digging up the commentary on what Behavior is working on and what the devs have said, etc, there's some pretty clear logical conclusions you can draw, just with the information you have in front of you.

    Corrosive cubes block line of sight for traps. You may not like that design, but that is how they act. Now, there's one situation where corrosive cubes don't block line of sight, and it's only if you use a specific mod, and only after you grab the genmat.

    Now, you could say "oh, corrosive cubes don't block line of sight after the genmat is picked up!" But they do! Only those marked "second-wave" have this bug. First wave cubes block los after you pick up the genmat. So the second-wave mod is changing their transparency for trap los.

    You could say "oh, this must be intended for the second wave mod" but literally this is the only second-wave mod that does anything other than reveal the trap after a short delay. No other blocks change their mechanics from first to second wave.

    Look at Reddit, Steam, this forum, or Twitter, and everyone who talks about this understands this is an exploit. Let me turn this around on you, and ask why on earth do you think this is intended behavior?

  • MadMoeZel
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    there is an argument that since the bug is that first wave should be allowing targeting and there is a bug preventing acid from functioning properly unless it's second wave. there is also a patch note on this website that documents a change to make boltshot not shoot through acid anymore (which they currently do so that's clearly unintended) but that doesn't mean that all traps have that exclusion by default. it could be that boltshot was removed from the list of acceptable targeting and that in doing that they broke first wave acid's targeting for all other traps as well, second wave may have been unaffected by that patch resulting in it functioning as it would have during first wave prior to the boltshot patch. as i wasn't around back then, i have no idea what acid functioned like in beta.

    with all that said, the devs have acknowledged it's current functionality (second wave allowing the ability to target for traps) is unintended. they did not specify if that was related to people using the opaque combo, which clearly an opaque object has no logical reason to allow visual based targeting where as a logical argument could be made for the translucent state of non-opaque corrosive cubes. they have stated an intent to "fix" it but have given no calrification on what a fix entails. this could be anywhere from full removal, to full inclusion during first and second wave. they may even decide to keep targeting through opaque (personally i'd prefer not but i'll deal with it, not like it breaks the game to an unplayable state) they may even modify it's function and have it cause a nerf to targeting. but until then, reporting bases that use mechanics provided to them is malicious and just sets the community back. all raiders use every tool they have available to them (not talking to the players who honor the maps intention) where you have them leaving bases to pull ammo through solid walls, or going outside the map boundary so a guard can't shoot or swing at them and picking them off at a distance that doesn't permit retaliation. they swear to god thats an intended mechanic but the shape of a block not letting them through is a sin against humanity.

    the double standard needs to stop. it's on the DEVELOPERS to fix these things,don't blame the workers for using the tools their bosses provide to the best of their ability, demand the boss get better tools.

  • Alertix
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    Ended up finding the post on Twitter yesterday, thank you for pointing me in the right direction! Today they've patched out the corrosive cube all together, which means back to more boring bases. Instead of taking it out they should've allowed us to upgrade the cube to function like that as an intended mechanic. Big missed opportunity though imo, hopefully they make up for it by actually fixing the more serious issues.

  • worldnamer
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    There are many people who have stated that the corrosive cube exploit is a top issue for them, so I understand why BHVR have made it a priority. (The patch speed does leave a lot to be desired.)

    I would honestly be okay with traps targeting through a single corrosive cube that does not have the opaque mod. More than that and you end up with really bad bolt traps that can only be solved by one tool in the game, which is bad. Bolt traps themselves are really bad, and until they fix them, Magnetic Link needs to be able to work through walls but I do see that as secondary to the corrosive cube issue.

    Also, I think people forget that corrosive cubes are exceptionally deadly even without the ability for traps to shoot through them. I have died / I have bases where people die to them even without iron claw traps, even without double stacking them. They're 15 points for a cube that creates terrain, potentially kills, and creates an eerie light in your base. They're fine without additional traps.

  • MadMoeZel
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    people don't like "operator error" traps, look at all the people complaining about 1 way doors that force them to reset which is essentially the same as accidentally stepping in acid.

  • worldnamer
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    I believe the cube is still in the game. Just not that specific bug.

  • Alertix
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    Yes it is still in game just, they patched a key mechanism the trap could've had as a function/mod or upgrade. Rather than add it the patched it out entirely is what I was referring to, not that they removed the cube.

  • worldnamer
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    Having played against the many clones of the second-wave corrosive cube exploit, I look forward to people using this cube in new ways. I saw a really cool base that was Brutal difficulty that used it for a two-way base where the way you entered was a jumping puzzle and the other path was a killbox, and it was lovely. I died like eight times trying to get the jumping down, but it was super fun.

    And hunter and iron claw still go through the cubes, they just can't target you until you're in the open. I think maybe what you're highlighting is that there's a lack of significant mods on most traps and guards? Like, second wave, sure. But then after that, I'd say most of the mods for the cube feel unimpactful. Hardened is pretty situational, and opaque is good, but again, pretty narrow in its applications. And splatter feels a little underwhelming. Whereas the bolttrap mods are much more valuable, each having a pretty good impact.

    A mod that makes a single corrosive cube transparent to traps and doesn't double stack with other corrosive cubes, even with those with this modifier, would be fine, in my opinion, if it doesn't stack with opaque. Opaque should always block LOS. But given that there's all those exceptions that would need for the mod to be balanced, I can understand why they simply patched the behavior out.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i disagree with your idea of how to balance it. theres no need to make it not work through two, make the capacity cost something that putting it on 2 side by side repeatedly is cost detrimental. but no mod should stop working because the block next to it has the same mod, thats bad code.

    edit - either way this thread has come to it's conclusion as 2nd wave corrosive has been patched. we should start a new thread for further discusisons.

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