Decrease trap activation time!

Kontayes Member Posts: 3

I propose that traps activate faster, at this moment anyone who can hold forward can outrun majority of traps in majority of situations just by holding down forward.

Do you think traps should activate faster to help end the speed running menace?

Or shall the quick and ballsy keep running rampant in your outposts.

Decrease trap activation time! 8 votes

Yes traps need to activate faster!
EntchenkleinKontayes 2 votes
Leave traps alone let them run free.
wydyadoitShinobuSKIron_CutlasshastarkischezpizzaDarkyan 6 votes


  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122
    Leave traps alone let them run free.

    There are trap combos meant to deal with speed runners, and trap combos for slow and steady raiders.

    Decreasing the trap activation timer just makes it more obnoxious for anyone with less than optimal reaction time and it wont stop speed runners from holding forward.

    It would also make multiple trap stacked together very obnoxious to deal with for everyone.

  • wydyadoit
    wydyadoit Member Posts: 1,113
    Leave traps alone let them run free.

    i'm saying leave them alone for now. i abuse sprinting through the traps currently, but some witty builders have forced me to play differently from time to time.

    so i know for a fact that there are ways to deal with sprinters. unfortunately i didn't take notes on those specific instances and regret everything about that.

  • magic1236
    magic1236 Member Posts: 106

    Could you add an option to the voting be “yes but implemented as a mod of some sort.

    cause as of right now I feel trap activations are balanced to be fair. But to ad a challenging aspect to them there could be a balanced mod for the traps that decreases activation time. Or where if raider is going x speed trap activated instantly(or faster) but if trap is going below x speed, trap dose not activate at all. If player is lunging towards trap, that speed dose not trigger instant activation and such.