I asked the customer support about exploits

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I asked if using targeting through an acid block and killing Harvey at the start is an exploit.

They answered like a politician the first two times and after 3rd time I asked for Yes or No answer. They still answered like a politician.

It seems that they have not yet decided if those are exploits or not. They could not say even that.

Update: Exploits mentioned above are free to use without fear of any change to your game experience from the devs. So no bans, cheater lobbies, and such. So there is no point in reporting anyone for using these exploits. You cannot be protected from being blocked though.

The current situation may change when exploits are defined.

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  • wydyadoit
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    customer support isn't designed to give those kind of answers bro... please don't harass them. that's really uncool.


    most likely - the lead designer is the only one that knows and he/she/etc. has to first listen to feedback from the community and consider if it even should be fixed. most likely there are bigger fish.

    and the product manager might even be the one making calls on that. or stakeholders even.

    customer support is just there to help you with features that either aren't working as intended or to help you with purchases that mess up. to troubleshoot the customer experience and try to help with simple stuff. that question is SO far above the pay grade of a customer support rep...

  • Darkyan
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    As Wyd said above, Customer support aren't devs, they're usually a team of 3rd party people paid to simply fix very basic inquiries like "I can't login to my account" or "Yellow credits was charged for Prestiging my outpost, but my outpost remains unavailable"

    This is why we keep saying "Leave the outpost and block the user, don't spam reports and complain to support over things that are VERY subjective."

    Corrosive Second wave blocks are a feature, until they are not. Learn to play with them, or leave them until you get word from the Devs in 2 months.

  • Seraphor
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    Regardless of whether they decide it's intended or not 'exploits' are always a non-punishable offense unless specifically stated as not allowed.

  • TragicSolitude
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    As others have said, customer support is not going to know the answer.

    If the question is, "Is the Second Wave Corrosive Cube behavior intended?" the answer is almost a definite no. I say this because:

    Bolt Shot Traps will no longer detect Raiders through Corrosive Cubes.

    is in the Launch Day Patch Notes under "Raiding"


    It doesn't mention only first or second wave, it just says Bolt Traps won't detect Raiders through Corrosive Cubes in general. That suggests this is a bug.