Non-official fix to Suits / weapons bug

UmbrellaWeapon Member Posts: 22

It happened to me too.

only way I was able to fix this, is go into a raid, switch out your gun for another, same with suit. Then immediately switch it back to what you wanted, and everything worked.

now if you have no other equipment to switch out, just raid small bases till you can afford it. Sadly enough, you have to buy what you don’t want, just to fix this.

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  • Jens
    Jens Member Posts: 7

    For the weapon it works but not for the suite. The suit keeps having only the link gap closer no matter which suit...

  • Jens
    Jens Member Posts: 7

    Update: There is indeed a workaround for both suit and weapon.

    Weapon: buy a second weapon and switch in the beginning of the raid between that and the bugged weapon to fix it.

    Suit: upgrade both the bugged skill and gap closer to the master level. After that the switching of the two mastered skills is possible.