Loving the game, small future suggestion. Keys.

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First off obviously really enjoying the presentation, freedom, and uniqueness of MYM. The range of traps is a dream come true for me. It would be nice to get more capacity but I had an idea for down the road. A door and key system. Put a key mod on a guard and have it activate a door upon death. It would promote more exploration and even set up a boss guard system. For people like me that enjoy making more elaborate outposts this would really add a lot more depth in my opinion. Excited to see what you guys come up with.


  • Saronin_Jayhart
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    Or have it be a setting on the tombs to make keys drop from them, force them to be obtainable, but unlike the Harvey path it can be in 3D and no more than one corrosive cube can block the path and can't line more than 3 sides of the path to the tomb(s) that drop the key. There also needs to be an indicator that keys are required to access the GenMat on the raider's hub or the map thumbnail.

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    Might be tricky to implement, the door couldn't be placed on HRV's path in case you encased the key-holder in an impenetrable tomb.

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    I like this idea.

    It could just be a 'Vault' trap. Takes up 1 cube, requires a 'Key' trap to be placed in tandem.

    The Vault could act as an 'inactive' trap unlesss the key trap has been 'activated' or triggered (Similar to the gen mat)

    The 'Vault' could release extra gen mat/resources/bolts/grenades when 'activated'

    Limited per build of course.

    This sounds really fun!

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    Well I noticed the death pistons can make Harvey pause his path but not directly obstruct it. In game design I know there's a simple switch command so attaching it to guards, traps, or even levers wouldn't be terribly difficult. Also they could just use the same rules as Harvey. Door requires an unobstructed path to the key holder.