Suggestion: Accolades to Improve Game Health

MadameExotine Member Posts: 161

I am really enjoying this game (builder side mostly), and would like to see it flourish the way DbD has.

I put good time into making my bases. Mainly focusing on making it look good and fun (and sometimes new ideas), and the accolades I get on them usually reflect that. However, it's quite discouraging to invest so much time on a map and only get a handful of raiders experience it per prestige cycle.

I suggest, making it so that number of accolades given to a map act as a multiplier for the number of times it shows up for raiders, and accolades on a map be visible to raiders before jumping in.

This way quality maps will see a lot higher raids. Improve raiders experience of the game, as well as rewarding the builders who've put in time and thought in to them.

Something like;

Artistic, and Ingenious Accolades = x1.3 number of times map shows up for raiders (since they require most cooking time to make)

Fun Accolade = x1.2 (since it is most important for game health)

Brutal Accolade = no change in number of times it shows up, however x1.2 multiplier on amount of rewards it gives a raider. And since they'd be able to see how many brutal accolades a map has, they'd know the risk/reward going in.

Fresh Maps = a guarantee number of times it'll get shown to raiders, so it'd have a chance to start accumulating accolades, and maybe a small bonus for raiders to try it out.