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I think a free demo version where you can only raid, but not co-op and can't unlock anything beyond than the basic kit and don't earn an exp or resources, would really help expand the player base and help curb the problem of there not being enough raiders to raid all the outposts. It would also work as great advertisement for the full game, especially if you put little mini video clips for the different equipment and weapons at their stations saying available for unlock in the full game.


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    The game is currently free on Playstation Plus. $30 is a pretty agreeable normal price tag too (most games are twice that much at release)

    A demo/trial might giveca temporary boost, but newbs potentially have a lot stacked against them, even with 'freeplay'.

    In my opinon, here are some things that will help the raider base grow.

    More positive reviews about the game (and slightly less negative ones):

    There is already so much complaining about bugs, killboxes, 'unbalanced' game play, prestiging, and other negative reviews that a player who researches the game before buying will likely be turned away. Content creators and the MYM community need to help hype up what is good about the game and why they enjoy it, as much or more than the normal whining and complaining that happens with every game.

    Builders need to intentionally turn it down a notch (for normal builds):

    This one is rough because as a builder my goal is to be effective as possible and get at least 1 kill a run (for my own enjoyment and validation). With so many aiming for massive kills and wanting to make impossible to beat builds (and cramming them into normal builds) the newbs that roll in with litle more than a sense of curiosity and advebnture (and little to no skill) may get discouraged easily and just walk away when they can even get the gen mat out of a 'normal' build.

    Matchmaking or more ways to encourage 'training' newbs:

    Story time- I am really excited for MYM, it goes free on playstation. I go ham for a whole day to be able to do a build to have all my freinds run. They get the game for free (at my invitation/advise/request). They do the 2 stage tutorial and then raid my build... and then they want quit! (Lol) I have to talk them down from the ledge and run a few raids with them showing them the ropes (I am not great at raiding, but I know enough to show them how to get better and some of what to expect). Now the are back at it, planning to make build to punish me in return for my first build(s) that they ran.

    Moral of the story, we gotta help the newbs in the shallow end before we toss them in the deep end if we them to want to continue raiding.

    Overall we, as a builder community, need to support newer players to encourage them to get just good enough that we can still get our kills and they still have fun trying and dying.