45 death raid on my base and i got 0 rewards for it?

IceBite Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 4

The replay is there, i can see them die to my traps over and over but none of the reward drops are in my map...

This happens way more often than i care to admit, but this is extremely egregious that i get denied 45 deaths.

As a builder you already get so little resources if you're not hamfisting everything into a spam trap killbox, you don't get any or barely any rank points as far as i can tell, and you don't even get enough resources back from decent KD bases to keep them prestiging.

And on top of that they got bugs like this? Come on.

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  • wydyadoit
    wydyadoit Member Posts: 1,113

    did the 45 deaths count towards your base in any other way? like are there death markers in build mode or death counts on the raid/death stats page?

  • GooBKoochie
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    edited April 16

    I'm having the same exact problem! I had a co-op raid on my outpost today with 148 raider deaths. Stats in the camera menu show the total death count, but I didn't get any of it added to the outpost's kill ratio. There wasn't any stat changes at all, it was like it was never ran? Zero XP gained. No GenMat, or resources acquired. The accolades and gravestones were all the same as yesterday. I received nothing other than the 80 min replay.

    I can't prestige now unless I raid for more Synthite since I'm getting literally nothing back on outpost kills anymore. It's such a waste of time to build at this point when there's issues like this preventing players from progressing off building.

    If someone just quits in the middle of the raid, it's also counted as zero kills regardless of how many times the raider dies.

    It's already bad enough to only get like one raid in 24 hours, but losing everything that should of been earned is my breaking point. I'm really considering uninstalling until they roll out some massive bug fixes/changes. I swear the game ran better in each of the beta test versions since nothing like this happened before.

  • Mcdazzlez
    Mcdazzlez Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 5

    It's a known exploit and people are promoting it in reddit comments. It allows them to preserve rank, scout a base and do it in 0 deaths and to punish people who make killboxes etc. Its quite pathetic but its an online game so people will cheese if they can.

  • Jackaljax
    Jackaljax Member Posts: 8

    I've also been noticing that occassionally I will get a replay that has 0 deaths and like 10-15 minutes of video. I go and watch it and it shows the person died many times but it does not ad to it's kill count and it doesn't drop any rewards. I see maybe 1 in every 20-30 replays, so t's not common but really sucks when the person died over 20 times.