Add fake tombs as traps!

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I really love the tombs as a nice side objective / free resource (depending on how the architect utilizes them).

I think it would be nice to add some kind of "fake tomb" trap that explodes on hit to really reward the cautious players and not those who just speed by to grab free stuff.

The "fake tomb" could look almost exactly like the real one but with some subtle signs that it's fake so that it is noticable if you approach it slowly and observe and are harder to check if you speed grapple past it.

A "fake tomb" can be utilized in various ways:

  • You can put fake tombs on the ground in dungeons designed that allow speedy plays as a suprise trap for unsuspecting runners.
  • You can punish slow and steady players who are focusing on checking out the trap by leading them into other traps.
  • "Fake tombs" could look like the real ones through window tiles, luring Custodians on a deadly de-tour, allowing for more chances to mess up.
  • "Fake tombs" could be detected by administrator boosts, rewarding players for investing into intel and preparation prior instead of mindlessly running one Outpost after another.

I think it would add a decent bit into the metagaming of Outpost builds. However, it should be only allowed to add 1 fake tomb at most to any map size to prevent spam and disincentivising Custodians to go after a positive part of the game.

Additionally, "fake tombs" should not be placeable if the architect of an Outpost decides to completely block off any of the real tombs!

I hope you like my idea! Let me know what you think

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  • MythicMikeneto
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    I think this would play well. I hope the devs consider it.

    It would also be nice if you could place a limited amount real tombs or move the real ones. Gotta have some bait for those mouse traps, y'know?

    Could have placing a tomb give a handful of build space (like 100 ish) or maybe that it lowers the 'difficulty rating' by a bit.

  • TheLegalCustodian
    TheLegalCustodian Member Posts: 13

    Thank you! I hope it adds value to be active here in the forum. I haven't seen any posts/comments from the devs or community managers here so it feels a little bit like talking to myself but I think it is a neat idea. :)

  • Darkyan
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    It's hard to enforce "Tombs being blocked" truthfully, because there's many ways to make a tomb inaccessible while its not exactly blocked off.

    And tombs, themselves are actually already supposed to be used as traps. So it's very anti-purpose to have a fake trap amongst the things that are supposed to pull the player's attention

    I only go for tombs knowing that they give reward for my trouble. If I have to start dealing with fake tombs just for an extra 25 yellow synthetite I'd rather just skip them and grind GenMat.

    Edit ; Dont forget that we shoot traps with guns, this would mostly punish melee users while your run-off the mill gun runner would change their play style to simply shoot 1 cube away from tombs