What changes do you believe will happen in the future?

ironblade Member Posts: 270

If there is a patch coming, what changes do you believe will happen? It could be anything from rework, nerf, buff, removal or added features. For example, warmonger got its hitbox increased, arc barrier got nerfed, etc.


  • konchok
    konchok Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 1,719

    I do think there are going to see some balance changes. I expect to see the shield reworked in some way. I expect that the plasma sentinal deathcloud will also be changed because the area of denial effect slows down the game too drastically. I also wouldn't be surprised if the modification dead man's switch is either removed or if the condition for it going off will change. For example I could see it changed to death by player rather than just any death. Oh and of course bug fixes especially those that are being exploited, for example being able to be targeted through corrosive cubes or being able to deny kills to a builder by closing the Playstation application.