Biolinks, Loadouts and Cosmetics

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Hey, just wanted to report a few bugs that I'm experiencing right now:

1. Cosmetics: The deluxe skins don't work when you're playing with a friend. I try to equip them, but the option just won't show. If I'm the host it's fine, but if I'm invited, it doesn't work.

2. Loadouts: Same as above, everytime that I'm invited to play with a friend, my loadout resets to default each new raid. If I'm using certain weapons, it goes back to the default. If the default weapons are upgraded, they return to level 1. Again, if I'm the host, it works just fine.

3. Biolinks: I bought all 3 upgrades for the standard suit, but I can only equip the first one. No matter what I do, I just can't equip the others.

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