Better decals and player emotes

MythicMikeneto Member Posts: 65

First up: Decals

We have some cool stuff so far. I would think it would be cool to get some less generic signage for communication to the raider, such as:

Tomb sign:

Right now buulders sometime use the yellow/blue 'zipper' stripe to show where a tomb is. Other use arrows, lifts, or actually build a stucture pointong to the tomb. A series of decals (maybe with a drawn image of the tomb and an arrow) could potentially be useful. Now I know there will be some builders who miuse this decal, but misdirection is part of the game.

Trap signs:

Kinda like hazard signs in an industrial workplace. Darts skewering a skull, a foot getting impaled, and explosive symbol, and eye crossed out (holocube), high voltage, Etc. It might be fun to heiroglyph to raiders what they might expect around the next corner, or totally fake them out.

Lastly for decals, a Good luck, Have fun or other encouraging slogans.

In some regards these could be misused in a toxic kinda way, but I would hope the majority player base could use these in a positive way.

Raider emotes:

This will be a super thin line to walk, but there have been many replays I have watched where the frustration is palpable. It may be fun for the raider (and the replay viewer) to be able to pop an emote with limited uses within a time frame to prevent spamming. Thing like:

"Thumbs up"


"Clap" or "Cheer"

"Good thinking" (the finger tapping to the side of the head thing)

"Lets do this"

"Respectful bow" (I like to do this by slowly looking down then back to center before the escape to command center)

"Shake fist"

Maybe make the emote only accessable in the starting area/1 per immunity box.

What do y'all think?


  • Dreïn
    Dreïn Member Posts: 6

    Emote are like you said on a thin line, but it would be great.

    I do take the time to show some emotion while playing in case the builder would watch the replay, and i'm not the only one since a i saw many doing so, it would be fun to be able to be more expressive.

    Pointig finger to show something, would be fun.

  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,388

    Emotes would be nice, it would make replays more interesting to watch if the player is expressive with them. It would also just bring more social aspects to the game, which would be nice for a game like MYM.