The Warmonger 1-2 combo, the neatest trick I've discovered so far.

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If you put an armored Warmonger in a place where they have to come face to face with it, and then put two more armored Warmongers nearby with Bloodlust... the time it takes an average player to kill the "Bait" Warmonger, is about the same time it takes for the next two to show up.

The backups arrive together and become a "1-2 combo". When the player staggers the first one by breaking its armor, the second one leaps through it and kills the player.

Since the backups are already aggroed, they don't stand there and roar at the player. They just rush straight towards them.

They fall for it almost every time. And the players who fall for it, keep dying to it over and over again.


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    Either, I did your outpost, or got hit by the exact same thing.

    A warmonger on 2 triangle wedges, which activates two warmongers behind me in a shady fake wall room.

    And I must say, +1 I love it, I used it right away in my own maps, it makes warmonger so silent, and it skips the "Detection" animation of turning on their blades. Really good trap which you could've avoided by simply exploring.

    Edit ; Bonus point if you hide the noise of their footsteps with Pistons/engine blocks or an active flamethrower.

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    Usually the 2nd one is already lunging as you kill the 1st, so you don't have time to dodge. You have time to activate shield though if you're quick.

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    nah. you can always sidestep them. because in a 3x3 tunnel there's still enough room for two players, but only 1 warmonger. so they run in a line. the first one fires and right as soon as thr animation finishes the second one fires. so you just do a little wiggle left to right then right to left and you'll dodge both. or even better if you time it correctly you can get the rear one to kill the one in front. if it hits the other warmonger it won't hit you due to the attack being blocked.

    in a 4x3 or 4x4 tunnel it's a little different. they can run side by side. so you can attempt to jump over them in a 4x4. in a 4x3 you can use a corner or a trap to pick one off.

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    I've been experimenting with "Warmonger Pincers". It's so much fun watching the raider figure it out after a few deaths.

    First set Warmonger#1 somewhere in your base. This'll be the pincer spot.

    Then set a Warmonger#2 outside (or behind) your base where it can't be easily discovered. Preferably build a small hut facing away from where raider starts.

    Now do a test run with a timer, and make a note on how long it'll take a raider to get to where Warmonger#1 is (provided your base entrance is clearly marked, so raiders would run straight in on start up)

    Once you got the time, go back and set Warmonger#2 on a path through base entrance, until it meets with Warmonger#1. When setting the path, have Warmonger#2 wait idle for the amount of time it took your test run, before it starts moving.

    If you do it right, you'll have Warmonger#2 surprise raiders from behind as soon as they come up on Warmonger#1. Specially effective in tight corridors 😉

    On replays you can clearly see the smart raiders start searching outside base after a few deaths wondering "where that 2nd warmonger come from?", .. and the not so wise ones will feed you kills, 'till they figure it out~

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    Another cool warmonger trick I've come to learn is by setting them on an elevated platform one tile above the player's path they'll jump swing down and then immediately attack for a second time after they land. Good mix-up if you can keep the player in their general attack vicinity.

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    I literally just did this with some second wave holographic blocks and even gave them dead man's switch to really surprise the raider. Had to play around with it a bit, sometimes theyll leap and other times they just stood there awkwardly

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    There's a neat trick you can do to help with this I think. Recording a patrol records it very specifically based on your movements. It doesn't just flag a coordinate, it actually streams your movements to the guard in question.

    So you can record a patrol, inch it close to the edge of the block, and then have it guard that spot. It even turns to face precisely the direction you face while recording, not just up/down/left/right.

    I use this to position guards in places other than just the center of a block, or use this to make a guard arrive to its spot after a delay.

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    Seen so many snowflakes quit because of this tactic. Love seeing people break. Also love seeing the pros dismantle this setup